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Tristan vs Eagle - No Holds Barred 205 Part 1

$ 34.75

Tristan and Eagle are sitting around having a discussion about past wrestling meet ups. The conversation changes to muscles and athletics and the two studs start to feel each other up. The flex off starts and they start to bump chests and smack talk. You can feel the testosterone in the room jump to through the roof. Both guys lock up and Tristan quickly takes control of Eagle. He takes him down to the floor and gets in a vicious side headlock! Eagle counters by grabbing Tristan by the face and flipping him over to catch him in a tight body scissors! Tristan drives his elbows into Eagle's quads and then proceeds to slam his face into the carpet. He then picks him up into another brutal side headlock before Eagle lifts him up and maneuvers him into a bearhug. Eagle the STRIPS TRISTAN OUT OF HIS TRUNKS DOWN TO A THONG! He climbs up and locks in a standing head scissors. Tristan uses his smarts to slam Eagle's toe and climb out. He moves behind him and squeezes Eagle with a rear sleeper hold. When Tristan slaps Eagle across the face, Eagle become furious and slips Tristan down to the mat and stretches his legs to the breaking point! Tristan quickly counters flipping Eagle over. Eagle resorts to dirty tricks and delivers a low blow taking Tristan down! He flips him upside down into a bearhug and grabs a vicious ball claw! Part II continues from here...Who will prove to be more of a man?