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Tristan vs Hawk - Lightning Match 20

$ 29.99
$ 39.95

Tristan interrupts Hawk doing his laundry with a cocky attitude. The action starts when Hawk lifts Tristan straight up sitting him on top of the dryer! Hawk shrugs off Tristan's advances to team up and Tristan takes it personal. Tristan takes Hawk to the mat to show him just how bad he is! 

Hawk snatches Tristan in a tight side headlock and Tristan cannot break out! Hawk slams him down and bounces his body off Tristan. He then rolls him up in a double chicken wing. Hawk is doing whatever he wants with Tristan's body now! He throws him into a brutal headscissors next. Then a Boston crab as Tristan yells in pain all Hawk does is flex his muscles. Tristan starts begging for more to prove he is worthy of being on the mat with Hawk. That is until Hawk locks in a camel clutch and Tristan is forced to tap out!

Tristan tries to stand but Hawk doesn't let him off the mat before locking in a standing head scissors and flexing! Tristan admits he is wrestling above his weight class and gives in to muscle worshipping the superior Hawk! Hawk smothers him with a side headlock before using a rear sleeper to weaken Tristan even more! When Tristan doesn't pass out, Hawk moves into a dragon sleeper to punish him even more. Hawk decides to test just how much pain Tristan can take with gut punches getting harder and harder as he adds more and more bashing!

Can Tristan take the pain? Or will he give in to Hawk's punishment? Download today and find out!