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Tristan vs Iceman18 - Lightning Match 23

$ 31.59

DVD contains Lightning Matches 14,17,18,23

As Iceman flaunts his perfect physique, Tristan doesn't hold back in expressing his disdain for his wrestling abilities. Things heat up quickly as Tristan takes matters into his own hands, gripping Iceman's rock-hard ribs and hoisting him up off the ground with ease!

The tension in the air is palpable as Iceman screams in agony while Tristan tightens his grip. But, never one to back down from a challenge, Iceman retaliates in a split second, lifting Tristan up in a fiery fireman's carry! The crowd goes wild as both of these powerhouses showcase their incredible strength and resilience!

As the match rages on, the intensity only grows. Iceman drops down and locks his colossal legs around Tristan's body, squeezing with all his might. But Tristan isn't one to be underestimated, and he fights back with a dirty move aimed at taking down the mighty Iceman! Using his defined quads, Tristan unleashes a barrage of crushing blows, leaving Iceman reeling and gasping for air.

With both competitors exhausted and evenly matched, the stakes couldn't be higher! Who will emerge victorious in this titanic clash of muscle and brawn? Will Tristan's cunning tactics and finely honed skills be enough to take down the seemingly unbeatable Iceman? Or will Iceman's raw power and sheer force of will help him to reclaim the upper hand and emerge triumphant?

Don't miss a moment of this thrilling battle – download now and witness the action unfold before your very eyes!