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Tristan and Jake flex at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Tristan vs Jake - No Holds Barred 147

$ 29.99
$ 39.95

Fans of muscle worship, your fantasy has come true as we introduce our MOST EXTREME muscle worship match ever! Jake flexes his 210lbs mountainous frame as Tristan grabs two handfuls of his beefy pecs, "My days getting progressively better. You are thick bro. It's not just the chest!" He moves on in amazement to his boulder shoulders and traps, "Biggest guy I've seen in months. I don't even know if I should be in the ring with you!" Jake begins worshipping Tristan's bicep, "Look at you, you got some good arms on you!" The muscle hunks flex as Tristan does chin ups hanging from Jake's powerful python then makes his way down to his infamous quads of steel. With the worshipper on his knees, Jake SMOTHERS Tristan's face with his juicy pecs, but he wants more. "Let's see how strong you are!" The muscle titans take turns lifting their opponent in belly to belly bearhugs worshipping each other in the embrace. "Get on your knees!" Jake orders the vet down, as Tristan licks the sweat off his tree trunk quads and ripped abs. The muscle worship continues to their chiseled backs as Tristan's mind races, "I bet you could carry me around for days!" He jumps on the behemoth's back for a piggy back ride as Jake squats him with ease. "I gotta try it too; I can't be outdone by nobody!" Tristan returns the favor squatting the 210lbs like a champ. The goliaths lock up. Jake takes Tristan down to the mat as both hunks mount each other taking their worship to a whole other level! Tristan is in awe of the muscle beast, "That's real man there. I would trade my veins for that size any day!" Jake wraps his quads of steel around Tristan, "You like feeling these legs around your neck?" The muscle stud struggles to breathe until the hold is released. Both muscle giants lay belly to belly, lock in reverse head scissors, and roll around the mat SQUEEZING each other as hard as they can for control. Tristan is exhausted prone out on the mat as Jake sees an opening for a little punishment, "Look at those abs, not Mr. Nice Guy anymore!" The muscle giant begins gut punching his victim, but Tristan isn't satisfied, "Break em, do it!" Jake punches harder and harder and introduces the MOST INTENSE muscle worship and DIRTIEST tricks we have ever filmed! The over-confident Tristan struggles and begs for mercy, "Please no more! I'll do whatever you want!" Jake isn't finished and continues POUNDING his abs. The muscle beast rolls his helpless victim over and wraps both biceps around his throat squeezing the air from his lungs, "Right to sleep!" Jake flexes in victory, but this match ain't over yet! Incredibly, Tristan wakes up and wants revenge, "There's only room in this locker room for one big man! Bigger on a scale doesn't make you a bigger man!" What devious plan does Tristan have in store for Jake? You WON'T believe your eyes!!!