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Tristan vs Kasee- Rough & Ready 121

$ 32.95

Muscle worship and brutal domination, it's a recipe for pleasure as young and old muscle battle it out! "Who are you?" Kasee flexes in his skimpy red trunks as Tristan watches in amazement, "I'm the guy who wrote the book on this kind of stuff. I'll sign it for you later!" He joins in flexing as Kasee wipes off his bulging bicep, "Let me dust the cobwebs off the book a little cuz we don't read books anymore here." "We'll get you the kindle version." The muscle hunks compare size, worship each other's chiseled frames, and decide on a GUT PUNCH BATTLE to see who has the stronger abs. "I would hate to break you before I even bought you," taunts Tristan. "You can't break me. People like to throw me around, but I always win." Blow after blow have the gladiators doubled over in pain, but both are evenly matched. Tristan delivers a sharp knee to the ribs and BULLDOGS Kasee to the mat nearly knocking him out! The young buck stumbles to his feet and gets revenge with a vicious low blow! "That's a new move I like doing to these old guys!" "Call me old!?!" Tristan recovers taking Kasee down with a low blow of his own and locks in a BACK-BREAKING camel clutch! "You won't use the word old anymore! Is that clear? You're gonna call me experienced!" The dominant Tristan takes control as Kasee worships his beefy pecs and bicep, "Where's the abs?" "You got jokes!" The young stud gets a bird's eye view as his face is SLAMMED into Tristan's abs of steel! The muscle enforcer locks in a dragon sleeper while ab clawing and gut punching him at the same time. Kasee screams in pain struggling to breathe and collapses to the mat! "Some things never change. There's always gonna be meaningless worthless pretty boy jobbers like you!" Tristan wants to break this "boy" limb by limb and begins with the arms PULLING them behind his back nearly out of socket and HAMMERS away at his shoulder! "Ahh my arm!" The devious tormentor continues with a massive head scissors burying Kasee's face deep in his quads of steel. "I could keep you in this all day!" Tristan's power is unstoppable: full nelsons, gut punches, fireman's carry, a SAMOAN DROP! "I train all day with boys like you. What makes you think you're gonna stand tall like a man among men?" Kasee groans in pain barely able to move but still doesn't know when to shut up, "I am the man!" Tristan picks up his helpless victim in a belly to belly bearhug. "My ribs!" "I haven't even started squeezing yet!" The beast TIGHTENS his viselike grip as Kasee gasps for air and drops him into an over the knee back breaker! Scissors, bow & arrow, atomic wedgies, a BONE-SHATTERING figure four leg lock! Kasee writhes in agony begging for the punishment to stop! The dominant Tristan eyes the mound of muscles laying at his feet, "I don't want some of it. I want all of it!" You won't believe what he does next!