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Tristan vs Regan - No Holds Barred 210

$ 29.95

Tristan is caught off guard breaking into Regan's room by mistake! Regan immediately throws him violently to the bed and begins to smash his abs with his fists over and over! Was Regan ready for Tristan to come into his room? He immediately starts to rip off Tristan's clothes down to a tiny blue thong and grinds him into the bed! He spanks him and sits on his face all while gripping Tristan's muscles in his huge hands. Regan continues to dominate Tristan smothering him with every body part imaginable. A sadistic smile spreads across Regan's face when Tristan starts to like it. He picks him up in a chest to chest bearhug before pushing him down into the couch torturing him by stretching him in every way! Regan notices a leash on the couch and decides to use it! HOW WILL REGAN USE THE LEASH TO TAKE THE PUNISHMENT EVEN FURTHER? Regan continues beating his victim with dirty moves until Tristan uses a trick of his own and pokes Regan between the eyes. Now Tristan is going to get what he came for! Tristan uses every technical move he has to gain momentum over the 240 pound bodybuilder. He works every weak point on Regan's body. An exchange of gut punches and a brutal chest to chest bearhug leaves on wrestler humiliated and choked out! In a possible show of mercy, the victor carries the loser to the shower. OR DID HE JUST WANT TO GET HIS NEW BOY TOY NICE AND WET? This leads to a steamy muscle worship session with one man pinned against a steamy glass then dropped to the bottom of the shower...