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Tristan vs Thor - No Holds Barred 214

$ 34.75

Filmed Valentines Day 2022
Run time: 35 min.

Thor is ready to throw down, but he has no idea what is in store with him when he steps into a hotel suit with Tristan. The two wrestlers get acquainted by flexing and comparing muscles while Tristan enjoys admiring Thor's muscles until Thor starts to believe that Tristan isn't doing a good enough job. When Tristan makes the mistake of putting his head down by Thor's massive thighs, Thor locks down squeezing his head between his quads! He throws him down and locks in a camel clutch shoving chocolates into Tristan's mouth! A schoolboy pin holds his opponent down while Thor begins to enjoy the humiliation he is inflicting on his victim. Bearhugs, dirty moves, fireman's carries, schoolboy pins, and devastating sleepers destroys Tristan's sculpted body and eventually knocks him out cold! Did the rookie Thor really take out the veteran Tristan? 

Thor takes it too far stripping off Tristan's bottoms and claiming them as his own. Real anger flashes across the veteran's face and he goes nose to nose with Thor. Tristan locks up the rookie in a test of strength and cleverly uses a nasty low blow to take him down! An angry Tristan is the last thing that Thor was prepared for and Tristan tears into Thor! He uses back breakers, bearhugs, chokeholds, full nelsons, and gut punches to inflict punishment. Is Thor in over his head facing off against Tristan? One thing is for certain, Tristan is in a league of his own in underground wrestling!