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Turbo Marco arm lock tattoos pecs chest arms

Turbo vs Marco - No Holds Barred 56

$ 31.25

"Why do they call you Turbo?" asks Marco. "I'm super fast taking people down!" Marco is pissed, "They pull me out of bed to wrestle you? You're paper thin!" They lock up. Turbo may be quick, but Marco gets multiple take downs and chin locks the rookie. "You gonna give?" "I never give up!"
"Come on show me a move!" Marco lifts Turbo in an UPSIDE DOWN BEARHUG. "You're tiny!" The vet is in complete control and rolls the rookie up in a tight cradle. Marco sits on his chest, crushes Turbo with his quads, and ball claws him! "I give!" screams Turbo.
"All I've seen is middle school moves so far!" says Marco. "Oh yeah!" Turbo takes the vet down but can't capitalize. Marco body scissors and ball claws the rookie. "I give!"
Turbo recovers, takes Marco down in a headlock, and chokes the vet with his own arm. "Is that you're only move?" mocks Marco. The rookie GATOR ROLLS the vet and messes up his hair. Marco is furious, "You're just mad I'm prettier than you!"
Marco lifts Turbo in an over the shoulder BACK BREAKER. "I give!" Turbo LOW BLOWS the vet to break the hold. Both wrestlers lay on the mat holding their aching balls. Marco gets up first and repeatedly low blows Turbo. "How your nuts feel?" 
Turbo gets Marco in a tight rear head scissors, "Give up!" "Never, I can't give up to a little guy!" Turbo tries for a cradle, but Marco escapes. "Let's see who has the faster moves!" says Marco. "You can't catch me!" Marco locks in a DRAGON SLEEPER, pounds his abs, and sits on Turbo's chest with his balls in his face. "Say it, you love my balls!" commands Marco. Turbo tries to escape but is pinned down. "I give up. I love your balls!" 
The back and forth battle continues. A full nelson, low blows, ball claws, a devastating TORTURE RACK! Will Turbo pull a "fast" one and get the win over Marco, or will Marco prove that slow and steady wins the race?