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Tank tortures Turbo with a Backbreaker in Thunders Arena

Turbo vs Tank - Rough & Ready 90

$ 31.25

The 225lb Tank establishes his dominance early in this encounter, entering Thunders Arena and immediately stomping the 145lb Turbo into the mat, before tossing him around like a rag doll. The outmatched and overwhelmed Turbo can only exclaim, "Too much muscle!" As Tank utilizes his massive size and strength to beat down Turbo.

Tank continues to verbally degrade Turbo as he hoists him up overhead and stretches him over his massive back, before throwing him violently to the mat below. Tanks lectures Turbo that "The only way to glory is though the gym" as he stands dominantly above him flexing his massive arms. 

The verbal beatdown continues as Tank mounts the pained and embarrassed Turbo, locking in a brutal camel clutch, and wrenching back on his neck with his powerful arms. To continue the domination, Tank hoists Turbo up onto his shoulders in an impressive firemans carry, bragging about his massive and powerful thighs.

In an impressive display of raw power, Tank tosses Turbo from the firemans carry into a brutal bearhug, squeezing the life out of Turbo using his incredibly muscular arms and pecs to crush Turbos spirit along with his body.

The ever defiant Turbo refuses to submit, calling his massive opponent an asshole. Tank replies with a violent and devastating barrage of back breakers, lifting Turbo effortless, then using all of his mass and power to repeatedly drive his spine down onto his knee. Still not satisfied, Tank hoists Turbo into the sky with a massive double choke lift, dropping Turbo painfully down to the canvas before dropping down to synch in a brutal leg scissors, using the strength of his massive thighs to squeeze Turbo all while flexing his massive bicep and bragging about his superior speed and endurance.

Turbo crawls into a ball on the ground, clutching his body in pain while a remorseless Tank yells at him to "get stronger" and to "get bigger" if he wants to be a real challenge. "What now?" Tank asks Turbo, as he surveys the damage he's done before locking in another devastating leg scissors submission. "This is fun" the 225lb powerhouse explains, as he wraps his dangerously powerful thighs around Turbos head, almost popping it like a grape.

Tank is clearly no slouch when it comes to squatting and leg pressing massive amounts of weight, as he continues to utilize his gigantic legs to squeeze Turbo closer and closer to submission. "Please stop, I'm done," Turbo begs as Tank drives a powerful knee into his lower back.

With Turbo withering in pain on the ground, Tank locks him in a vicious figure four leg lock, further breaking him before getting up to toy with him more. "I'm a man. What are you?" Tank asks Turbo, degradingly, as he arrogantly steps on his chest, talking down to him. Growing tired of administering such a brutal beatdown, Tank grabs a back breaking Boston Crab and synches it in. The beaten and broken Turbo submits, which only reinvigorates Tanks desire to dominate his opponent. Tanks continues to utilize his massive muscular frame to stretch Turbos body into unimaginably painful positions, before hoisting him up overhead with a tremendously powerful gorilla press, leaving the outsized and out muscled Turbo hopelessly dominated, just begging for the punishment to end.