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Dom9 vs Van Acker - Battlespace 134

Dom9 vs Van Acker - Battlespace 134

$ 31.25

"Did your girlfriend put these rhinestones in? I don't really get the whole get up; it's hot if it was somebody else!" mocks Van Acker as the silent destroyer circles his prey anticipating his tortuous plans, "You're kidding me right?" "Better back off; you don't want none of this trust me!" Van Acker grabs the leather strap SNAPPING it against Dom9's beefy pecs as a fire begins to ignite inside the behemoth, "Touch me again!" "I'll rip this off you real quick!" threatens the arrogant rookie pushing the muscle beast away. A shoving match leads to a quick tie up; Dom Knight wraps his powerful pythons around the newb in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson as he struggles to escape. "Ok, you're stronger than you look!" groans Van Acker; his face driven into the mat nearly knocking him out. "Did I say get up?" yells the dominant beast kicking his victim down again and again as he tries to stand. "I don't need any of this; get your leather off me!" The master of pain is just getting started wrapping his bulging bicep around the newb's throat forcing him down on all fours like a dog. Gasping for air, Dom9 CRUSHES the lightweight's ribs with his tree-trunk quads and squeezes his traps with his meathook hands! "Stop, stop, ok, your black leather outfit is not stupid! My ribs are breaking; I can't breathe!" Van Acker's shrieking cries only fuel the beast's insatiable appetite for more torture as he drags him to the mat for a grueling body scissors! Sounds of SPLINTERING bone fill the arena; the rookie can no longer stand the excruciating pain, "I give! I give! You're so strong!" Entranced in his victim's suffering, the ruthless Dom9 doesn't let go rolling his victim around the mat for more damage. Barely breathing, Van Acker stumbles to his feet as the behemoth pins him tight to his beefy chest and falls backward for another grueling body scissors. Desperate, the rookie TWISTS his tormentor's nipples breaking the hold and tries cradling the mountain of muscle but is tossed across the arena. "Get up!" orders the behemoth grunting in anger as a massive takedown has Van Acker wedged tight in a front facing head scissors! Incredibly, the rookie struggles to his feet lifting the 190 pounder mid-air with the scissors locked in and SLAMS him on his back but can't break the viselike grip. Furious, Dom9 rolls his victim to his back; his face buried deep between his thick slabs of beef as he cries out, "I give! You're gonna pop my head!" Van Acker tries pushing the rock-hard beast away as he flexes his quads even tighter; his screams are abruptly halted by a KNOCKOUT PUNCH to the face! Hungry for more, Dom9 sits his motionless victim up jolting him awake with double forearm smashes to the back. "Please, please!" begs the rookie as the merciless master of pain kicks his broken body across the mat. Out of nowhere, Van Acker springs to his feet and tries taking down the muscle monster with everything he's got: scoop slams, cradle, sleeper, a crushing side headlock! "I'm gonna pass you out right here, I can't let you up!" threatens the rookie struggling to contain the behemoth. Dom9 becomes UNHINGED and overpowers Van Acker breaking free to give him the beating of his life: a reverse body scissors, gut punches, leg drop, head scissors, an upside down belly to back bearhug, vicious scissors/full nelson combo! The final jaw-dropping moments will leave you in complete shock as Dom9 uses his quads of steel to UTTERLY DEMOLISH his victim. "Your legs are too big! Please, I'm gonna die!"