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Van Acker head scissoring Stevie

Van Acker vs Stevie - Vault 06

$ 34.75

Van Acker is not impressed with Stevie! Stevie's calm demeanor and nonchalant attitude doesn't rub Van the right way and he steps on the mat and gets right to fighting Stevie. But Stevie has learned a few moves since he started at Thunders and Van is about to find that out! Van gets overwhelmed and has no choice but to fight dirty! But he also starts to notice that Stevie has, undoubtedly, a fantastic physique. He admires Stevie's body as they fight back and forth. Using sleeper holds, schoolboy pins, cradles, full nelsons, bow and arrows, gut punches, and dirty moves Van and Stevie fight back and forth. Will Stevie earn Van Acker's respect? and one last question..."WHO'S YOUR DADDY?"