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Vein vs Iceman18 - Battlespace 126

$ 25.95

Bearhugs, dirty tricks, and brutal beatdowns...get ready for one wild ride! Vein flexes his newly chiseled frame, "You don't deserve to touch this!" Iceman18 isn't impressed comparing their looks, "Wolverine face, the rest of mine looks amazing! Yours looks alright." The titans begin with a test of strength: a two minute BEARHUG BATTLE! Their mounds of muscle collide with massive force as they gasp for air squeezing harder and harder trying to crush each other's ribs! "Come here little bear cub!" Iceman18 wraps his powerful pythons around Vein in a tight full nelson then picks him up across his thick chest dropping him into an over the knee backbreaker! The bronze stud groans in pain; his back ready to break at any moment as he struggles to his feet. An exchange of DOUBLE PEC CLAWS leads to an intense mercy challenge! Both muscle beasts crumble to their knees as their veins pop and muscles contract in the viselike grips. Iceman18 capitalizes first wrapping his quads of steel around Vein in a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors, "Walk you around a little bit!" He drags his helpless victim around the mat squeezing tighter and tighter as he moans in pain. Vein escapes and takes the blonde muscle stud down in a quick full nelson, "Look who's on the ground now!" "You wanna be on the ground with me?" Iceman18 sees red and BODYSLAMS him over and over! The devious tormentor wraps his victim in a crushing body scissors, yanks his hair, then mounts the helpless slab of muscle as he struggles to breathe, "Where's all that big strength now?" Vein can barely stand as he's full nelsoned again, but a brutal SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN helps him escape. Time for payback! Vein scoops up Iceman18, slams him on his back rattling his brain, and straddles his skull squeezing him with his powerful quads! Iceman18 is in trouble but escapes with brutal dirty tricks and TWISTS his ankle as he howls in agony! "Tired of you Wolverine!" He continues torturing Vein: camel clutch, arm bar, fireman's carry, pec claws! Iceman18 goes for a guillotine choke but is picked up in a massive shoulder carry and slammed to the mat! His face is pure torture as Vein STRETCHES out his legs trying to break his groin then lifts him in a massive belly to back bearhug. The back and forth brutal battle continues: head scissors, body scissors, gut punches, camel clutches, backbreakers, and loads of dirty tricks! A DEVASTATING ankle move has one wrestler twisting back and forth trying to break bones! "Nobody has done that to me!" screams the muscle hunk LIMPING to his feet. The final 3 minutes of torture are so hard to watch; you will wonder how anyone can survive? "I'm not done with you yet. I know you wanna pass out, but I'm having too much fun with this!"