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Vein vs Kasee - Battlespace 129

$ 34.75

Kasee is in total shock seeing Vein's new look, "Didn't you used to be a lot bigger, A LOT bigger? What happened? Did you deflate? This is the new sexy around here in Thunders Arena!" boasts Kasee flexing his bulging biceps. "Ain't about being big all the time; it's about the cuts. It's the reason why they call me Vein!" "Did you say Van or Vein cuz you look like a boxed van." A flex off leads to a shoving match as Kasee keeps calling him Van. "I'm tired of this talk!" Vein picks up Kasee across his ripped chest, carries him to the mat, and drops him down. "Are you gonna go supersane then pound out that 230 look that you used to have?" taunts Kasee. "I could!" flexes Vein. "I wanna see that, piss you off!" A quick gut punch has Vein seeing red as he CLOTHESLINES the muscle stud into the wall! Kasee is rattled and taken down with an even bigger gut punch; the beast mounts his back and wraps him up in a tight full nelson as he groans in pain. "Get you back up!" Kasee recovers and battles back with a full nelson of his own, "You got some pretty abs don't you Van?" The young stud pins the beast's arms above his head with one hand and worships his abs. "Vein! Vein! What are you stupid?" The muscle bull is ENRAGED and leans over piggybacking Kasee on his back then hoists him up onto his shoulders, "You gonna say my name right now?" Kasee is SLAMMED to the mat struggling to breathe, "Van just dropped a van on me!" Vein begins to stretch his victim's leg as far as he can until Kasee feverishly taps screaming in pain. The muscle beast BURIES his knee in Kasee's sternum, "It's Vein. You're gonna remember!" The young vet soon recovers, and the titans lock up. Kasee lifts the bronze muscle hunk in a RIB-CRUSHING belly to back bearhug, slams him down, then pins his arms back digging his knee in his back for a vicious ab stretch! Vein is in agony as Kasee mocks him, "Those vans popping yet? Where's that supersane at?" The muscle beast overpowers the young vet taking him down, "You wanna see what Vein's made of?" An ARM-BREAKING hammerlock and brutal kidney punch have Kasee in agony eating his words, "I was just playing. My shoulder, you about ripped it out of its socket!" The beast towers over his victim, "What's my name?" Kasee stands straight up to his face, "Box Van!" Vein SNAPS, and all hell breaks loose! A crushing dirty trick sends the young vet crashing to the mat, but he recovers and wants revenge! Kasee distracts the muscle beast taking him down with a brutal low blow and delivers a CRIPPLING camel clutch, "How's that one feel?" Vein groans in pain until he's slammed face first to the mat barely able to move his beaten body. Kasee continues his torture with GRUELING back to back banana splits and a dirty trick! "How far does a van stretch?" With the muscle beast back on his feet, Kasee tries a STANDING CRUCIFIX but can't bring the big man down! A back-breaking bearhug leads to a barrage of devastating KNOCK OUT punches! Who will be left standing?