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Vein Santiago Dragon sleeper bicep flex chest pecs abs arms bicep

Vein vs Santiago - Mat Rats 65

$ 31.25

Santiago is our newest wrestler, and he’s an 18 year old bodybuilder straight from Argentina! Back in Argentina he trained in Jiu Jitsu and he’s very excited to come to America to challenge some big bodybuilders. He’s seen the biggest and strongest of them at our site and so wanted to show us what he’s got by taking on some of our biggest guys. Vein is first up, and these two waste no time getting into the wrestling. Vein gives Santiago a knee to the abs and then starts to torment his back with a strong elbow. Santiago isn’t used to these pro moves, and he’s got a lot in store for him. Vein continues to slam Santiago’s back between pulling him back into some strong full nelsons. Santiago is speechless, he’s getting hammered right off the bat and he doesn’t even know how to react. Vein picks a limp Santiago up off the floor and starts to crush his head between his massive biceps. Vein is pissed that Santiago thinks that these big bodybuilders will be easy to take on, so he’s not going lightly. You can start to see Vein’s numerous veins throbbing out as he’s squishing Santiago. Santiago wiggles free and tries to slam against Vein, but he’s just too muscular! He bounces off and Vein just looks at him like he’s an ant, and continues his painful barrage. He knocks Santiago down and begins to crush his ribs in a body scissors, he’s getting into it now, thriving off of Santiago’s screams of pain. Santiago takes a breather to show off is own muscles, but that sends Vein over the edge. He charges Santiago and pulls him into a fireman’s carry, where he starts spinning in circles to disorient Santiago. Right before Santiago collapses Vein takes the opportunity to lift him off the floor and crush the remaining air out of him in a bearhug. While Santiago’s staggering gathering his bearing Vein’s just glaring at him, popping his chest muscles up and showing off. Will Santiago get a chance to show off his own moves and prove he’s up to the challenge? Or will Vein continue dominating him all the way to the end?