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Vidar vs Cap - Vegas Battles 56

$ 31.25

Big vs Little fans it doesn't get much better than this! It's the 5'9" 180lbs Cap vs the 6'4" 260lbs Vidar in a true David vs Goliath battle. The muscle giant flexes in his opponent's face; his bulging bicep is about the size of Cap's head! The Thunder's vet is not intimidated and a flex off begins; both pushing each other out of the way. "You don't have to get jealous!" says Cap. The beast lets his muscles speak for themselves, "Big boy in the house!"
Cap charges in with a bearhug trying to damage the giant's rock hard abs, but Vidar easily breaks the hold taking the vet down in a headlock. Cap slips out of the viselike grip and rolls the giant to his back for a cradle, but he is too big! The musclehunks get back to their feet. Cap shows incredible strength and gets another takedown trying for a cradle, "You weigh so much!" The muscle giant escapes and crushes Cap with a BODYSPLASH! The vet moans in pain and stumbles to his feet. Vidar toys with his victim and stands with open arms for a free shot. Cap tries for a full nelson but can't get his arms around the beast's boulder shoulders and thick delts. "I'm gonna take you down!" Incredibly, Cap lifts the giant off the mat in a takedown but can't keep the big man down. "It's getting a little warm out here!" Vidar takes off one strap of his singlet exposing his beefy pec. "Let's turn it up!" Cap tries lifting the giant again for a takedown but is LAUNCHED across the mat. What will it take to bring down this muscle monster? 
Vidar has had it with Cap's pathetic attempts, and the BEAST IS UNLEASHED! The giant wraps his powerful pythons around the vet's waist in a bearhug and hurls him across the mat. Cap struggles to stand and is locked in a NECK-BREAKING half nelson.  "Come on man, my neck!" Vidar's arms are so big, he has complete control while flexing his other bicep. The muscle beast decides to torture his victim with bearhug after bearhug. The smaller Cap looks like a child in the hulking arms of the giant. "My ribs! I can't breathe!" Vidar enjoys his victim's pain and wraps his meat hook hands around Cap's throat in a CHOKELIFT! The vet gasps for air as his muscles go limp, and he falls to the mat. Vidar peels the singlet off his colossal muscles exposing his gorilla sized chest and ripped abs. Cap uses the distraction and tries to escape, "I'm out of here. I'm done with this!" Not so fast, the muscle giant traps his victim in another half nelson. "I said I'm done. Let me go, please!" An arm-breaking hammerlock, bearhugs, headlocks, the muscle beast is unstoppable as Cap pleads for mercy. "Not today!" Vidar wraps his TREE TRUNK quads around the vet in a bone shattering body scissors. Cap coughs and gasps for air, "I give!" The giant is nowhere near done and begins stomping and standing on his back driving him into the mat! Cap tries to crawl away but is caught in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors. "My head! Stop, please!" Vidar flexes enjoying his victim's screams and wants absolute destruction! A crippling camel clutch has Cap howling in agony. "My back! I'm done!" The underdog has got to change his strategy if he wants any chance of bringing down the giant. The battle continues with bearhugs, scissors, a fireman's carry! Will Cap make the ultimate comeback and defeat the giant, or will Vidar declare lights out for his victim? Big vs Little fans you will not be disappointed!