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Vidar vs Cason - Vegas Battles 54

$ 31.25

Cason is used to being the big man on campus until the 6'4" 260lbs Vidar walks in. Bigger biceps, bigger quads, bigger everything! "Vidar? What's that even mean?" The behemoth flexes and pec bounces his beefy chest, "It means strong, a god!" They begin pose off comparing muscles. "You got a pretty thick back," admires Cason. "You'll get there some day!" laughs Vidar. The Thunder's vet is not intimidated, "You don't look very fast. Do you even know what to do?" The muscle giant has heard enough. It's on! 
The titans lock up. Cason tries for a sleeper, "Almost can't get my arm wrapped around you!" He switches to a tight full nelson, "Relax. Show em the abs." Vidar struggles but breaks away, "Thought you almost had me!" The behemoth lifts the vet in a massive fireman's carry shaking him up and down. Cason struggles to breathe and is thrown down. "Maybe I'll go no hands, see if you can catch me!" BIG MISTAKE! The giant easily grabs the vet bringing him to his knees and hovers over his back. Cason stands up piggybacking the muscle beast and SAMOAN DROPS him! Vidar groans in pain as Cason rolls him in a tight cradle. "How about we just knock you out and head home!" The giant grunts, "Not today!" as he breaks out and scissors Cason's chiseled abs. The vet strains under the immense pressure of Vidar's sweaty quads, but he is able to slide out and takes the giant to his knees in another crushing full nelson. "Stay down; you're not gonna get up from this!" Mortal men would be powerless in Cason's grip, but the muscle god stands up flexing out of the hold. The surprised vet hoists Vidar in a fireman's carry parading him around the mat, "I knew you weren't as heavy as you look!" The giant is gassed as Cason locks in a CRIPPLING camel clutch. "Be better if you gave up!" "Not yet!"
An arm wrestling competition and intense mercy challenge break out to see who is stronger. Sweat pouring, veins popping, biceps bulging to the max under all that power! Vidar lets go lifting Cason into a crushing rear bearhug. "I can't breathe!" Somehow he breaks free before passing out and returns with his own rear bearhug. Vidar's mountainous frame totally eclipses Cason that he disappears behind all that muscle! "Give up! Want me to crack a rib?" The vet SQUEEZES tighter as the giant screams in agony! Cason gains momentum and takes the behemoth to his knees in another tight full nelson. Vidar is winded, so Cason quickly locks in a DRAGON SLEEPER before he can get up! The muscle giant has never been stretched like this before and tries pulling Cason's hair to release the torturous hold. It doesn't work, his thick muscles begin to slump as he struggles to breathe falling face first. "These big legs!" Cason delivers damaging Boston crab as Vidar cries out clawing to escape. His sweaty legs slide out of Cason's grip. "I'm not gonna win this thing if I can't get you held down!" Vidar is PISSED and shows Cason what a giant-sized full nelson feels like! The vet can't break the hold and is taken down. The Goliath CRUSHES Cason's back with his foot, but the vet pushes up tumbling the giant. "He's got a little bit of strength to him. Not in Vidar's house!" The beast rears back and attempts a CLOTHESLINE, but Cason stays on his feet! "What the?" The giant is in complete shock and tries again. The vet ducks out of the way but eventually is taken down again. The muscle beast stands on his back again trying to break it! "Come on ease up!" pleads Cason as he struggles to breathe under the immense weight! "Lets see how many push ups you can do with me on your back. Ok big boy, are you ready?" The 260lbs muscle god lays on top of his victim. Amazingly, Cason does multiple push ups before his arms give out. "Damn, this is a heavy dude!" Vidar continues crushing his back. "I'm done!" "You're not done yet! The muscle giant does push ups on top of his back. Cason's moans and groans become silent as he appears to pass out. The giant rolls his victim over in a scissors/sleeper combo! The behemoth's bicep crushes his throat as Cason goes to sleep. This battle is far from over, CHOKELIFT, scissors, bearhugs, and sleepers! Can Cason overcome the unstoppable force that is Vidar, or will Vidar declare lights out for the vet? Fans of big muscle matches, this Clash of the Titans will have have you watching on repeat!


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