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Vidar vs Scrappy & Mic Long - Vegas Battles 55

$ 25.95

After his beating by Vidar, Scrappy brings in Mic Long to help him with a little payback. "Last night, I wrestled this giant; I couldn't stand a chance." "I got you. He can't handle both of us!" Scrappy grins, "I can't wait to see him on the ground crying." Little do they know the muscle monster Vidar is stalking his prey and sneaks up from behind with a double headlock!
 "I take it this is the guy!" moans Mic Long. "Grab his leg!" orders Scrappy. The underdogs grab the giant's legs lifting the 260 pounder and SLAM him to the mat. "You didn't tell me he was this big!" The tag team repeatedly charges Vidar but are thrown around like rag dolls. Mic Long shows incredible strength and picks up the giant for a takedown, but his move is cut short as Vidar leans over locking in a bearhug! Scrappy uses the distraction, jumps on his back for a sleeper, but is LAUNCHED across the mat. The muscle giant takes Mic Long down in a massive body scissors as he groans in pain. Scrappy knows firsthand the immense pressure of Vidar's quads, "Come on, just tap man!" Mic Long somehow slides out, rolls the giant to his back, and locks in a sleeper while Scrappy pins his legs. "Not just yet!" The muscle hulk kicks Scrappy away and retaliates with a NECK-BREAKING half nelson on Mic Long. "Want some of this?" taunts Vidar as he flexes his bulging bicep. Scrappy tries to help Mic escape but is caught in a headlock himself. The underdogs struggle as they're thrown down. "We need a new strategy. This is not working!" 
An INTENSE 2-on-1 mercy challenge breaks out! The behemoth's power brings them to their knees as they scream under the viselike grip! Scrappy and Mic GUT PUNCH and KNEE the giant's chiseled abs until finally his grip is broken. "We gotta bring this guy down!" Vidar drags his victims together and STANDS on their backs crushing them into the mat! "Told you he was big didn't I?" moans Scrappy. "Yeah, but you didn't say this big!" The underdogs are completely gassed as the hulk wraps his goliath sized hands around their throats CHOKING them. Scrappy frantically taps out. "No not yet!" Vidar squeezes until the muscle studs go limp and fall to the mat. The tag team barely gets to their feet before the giant rears back delivering devastating DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE nearly taking off their heads! Time for some payback. The underdogs jump on the muscle beast toppling him to the mat. Mic head scissors Vidar while Scrappy body scissors his abs at the same time. The giant groans as he fights to break the hold. "See if you can knock him out. You have to do it harder!" orders Scrappy. "I'm losing grip!" yells Mic. Vidar breaks away, and the giant is ANGRY! The beast chokes his victims on the mat then does push ups against their chests. Scrappy and Mic scream in agony as they plead for mercy under the giant's weight. "I think he broke my back!" The muscle giant flexes his mountain of muscles, but he isn't done! A double bearhug, double camel clutch, double leg scissors has the tag team howling in pain. Shockingly, the tag team traps Vidar in a massive sleeper/camel clutch combo. Mic wraps his bicep around the giant's throat while Scrappy pins back his arms. To add more pain, Mic begins GUT PUNCHING the giant's abs from behind. "He's going; he's going!" Vidar's face begins to turn white; his colossal muscles start to slump as he crumbles to the mat. The power struggle continues to put the giant to sleep! Will Scrappy get his revenge and have the giant counting sheep, or will Vidar battle back and take out the tag team? A surprise comeback will have you guessing how it's gonna end? You gotta see it to find out!