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Vidar vs Scrappy - Vegas Battles 53

$ 31.25

Scrappy flexes, "They said they got some new big guy, but I don't really..." Before he can finish his sentence, he's interrupted by the 6'4" 260lbs giant Vidar. "Look boy, you wanna see what real muscle looks like?" The colossal giant flexes his mountain of muscles as pure panic sweeps across Scrappy's face. "They said you were big, but you're quite a bit bigger than me! Think there's anyone I can talk to about this?" Vidar grins deviously circling his prey, "Just you and me!"
They lock up. Vidar easily throws Scrappy to the mat, "Get up, let's go!" The behemoth lifts the vet in a massive fireman's carry and crushes him in a SAMOAN DROP! Scrappy groans in pain as he struggles to stand, "Maybe I can use my quickness a little bit!" He whips around Vidar's front and back trying for a bearhug. The giant may be slower, but he makes up for it in sheer power LAUNCHING Scrappy in an over the shoulder takedown. "Woo! Nobody messes with the big boy!" Vidar flexes, pats his juicy pecs, and continues throwing his victim around like a rag doll. "You're big but," Scrappy tries for a full nelson but can't reach around the giant's wide shoulders and thick delts. Vidar backs his muscular glutes into Scrappy's gut knocking the wind out of him, "Not in my house!" The underdog is persistent and tries again, but the giant keeps flexing trapping his arms. "See these biceps. They're not letting you go!" Scrappy is completely gassed under Vidar's control. The behemoth releases and turns his back, flexing a double bicep. It's now or never! Scrappy jumps on the giant's shoulders locking in a CRUCIFIX, "Come on, bring this guy down!" Normal men would fall in the crippling hold but not this muscle giant! Vidar feels nothing and uses Scrappy as a human barbell squatting him with ease. The vet is thrown to the mat and is in complete agony, "I think that's it!" "We're not done yet!" The giant kisses his powerful pythons and pulls his victim's hair forcing him to his feet. "Please!" begs Scrappy. "There's no please!" He wraps his meat hook hands around Scrappy's throat in a CHOKELIFT! The vet struggles to breathe and is dropped down. "Gotta have legs to do that!" mocks the giant. "Think you don't know me. I'm not gonna give up!" Vidar squeezes his throat again, "I'll do this all day!" Another chokelift has Scrappy full of regret as he gasps clutching his aching neck. "This time I'm choking you out for good!" A third chokelift has Scrappy flailing in the air. His muscles go limp as he passes out and falls to the mat. "Don't mess with the big bull!" The UNSTOPPABLE FORCE wakes the vet up and delivers a devastating clothesline! Scrappy can barely recover before he is sent back to oblivion with clothesline after clothesline. Total decimation! Vidar wraps his tree trunk legs around Scrappy in a bodyscissor. "Ahh your quads! I give, let me out!" The muscle beast is happy to obey as he elbow drops and picks Scrappy up in BACK-BREAKING bearhugs. The vet looks like a child in the massive arms of Vidar, "Please, you're crushing me!" The behemoth is destroying his victim limb by limb. A SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors has the blood rushing from Scrappy's head as he repeatedly taps out under immense pressure.
"You can't make me stop flexing on my mat!" The underdog may be down, but not out. Vidar has power, but Scrappy has experience! The battle intensifies: bearhugs, fireman's carries, an INSANE mercy challenge, an over-the-knee back breaker! Can Scrappy battle back and bring down the giant, or will Vidar's strength prove to be to much to overcome?