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Viggo atom Camel clutch submission hold submit pain arms chest pecs biceps

Viggo vs Atom - Mat Rats 47

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

"Atom's Revenge"

Atom is furious with Viggo for interfering in his matches. He confronts the bigger tough guy on the mat and says he could be the Champ of Thunders Arena if it wasnt for Viggo always interfering. Cocky Viggo tells the smaller guy that he has dominated Atom every time they have been on the mat together. Atom says thats only because Viggo takes on Atom when Atom is wrestling another opponent. Atom tells the arrogant tough guy, If I wanted to wrestle you, I would come here to wrestle you, which is what Im here to do. Viggo dismisses the smaller guys threat saying Atoms beefy body cant compare to Viggos toned muscular physique. Atom says I dont need to be toned, Im strong and he locks Viggo in a powerful belly to belly bear hug. Once Atom gets started, the little powerhouse just keeps dishing out the punishment and pain to Viggo. He puts the tough guy over his shoulder for a few bounces, followed by a vice like headlock from behind with dazed Viggo sitting on the mat. Atom clearly enjoys his domination of Viggo, saying it is too easy as he puts Viggo face down on the mat and applies a leg lock. Atoms superb mat skills really come through as he applies a leg stretch and then rolls Viggo into a cradle. Atom also shows his street fighting skills as he punches Viggos gut while he has the bigger guy rolled up. As he pounds away, Atom tells Viggo to stop interfering in his matches. But Viggo is tough as nails with rock solid abs. He tells Atom his abs can take anything Atoms got. Then Atom uses his thick powerful wrestlers legs to lock Viggo in a body scissors, flexing his muscular arms and smiling as he watches Viggo squirm in pain. Whats the matter, dont like that? Atom asks the tough guy. Atom then applies a camel clutch, but Viggo manages to keep on his knees, blunting the effect of the hold on his back. They break and Viggo does a few pushups to show hes still got plenty of power left. When he gets to his feet, still cocky Viggo tells Atom Look at how much bigger I am than you. Viggo attempts a take down, but Atom is determined to dominate Viggo and teach him a lesson. Atom manages to get Viggo on his back and punishes Viggo by rubbing his forearm in Viggos face. Then Atom grabs one of Viggos legs and lands a few punches right into his thigh, saying these legs arent so strong. Atom sits on Viggo facing backward and punches Viggos gut about a dozen times, mocking Viggos abs. Now getting really cocky, Atom does a big double bi and says Viggos got nothing. Atom finally finishes off tough Viggo with an upside down bear hug followed by a slam with Viggo landing on his back, out cold. Victorious Atom smiles as he flexes over the beaten Viggo, saying See that. Viggos got nothing. If you like watching a muscular little wrestler get some revenge with a good beating to a big, cocky, tough guy, this match will be one of your favorites.