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Viggo Dozer Flex pose chest pecs arms couch

Viggo vs Dozer - Rough & Ready 43

$ 31.25

Lean, muscular Viggo tells big beefy bodybuilder Dozer that Dozers body is not lean enough. They pose and compare for awhile with Viggo referring to himself as lean muscle and Dozer describing himself as solid beef. Dozer suggests they settle the matter on the wrestling mat. Cocky Viggo welcomes the challenge from big Dozer and predicts the match will end with You looking up at me from the mat. The match starts with Dozer locking Viggo in a belly to back bear hug, telling him Thats solid beef right there and asking Wheres that lean muscle? Then Dozer gets Viggo down on the mat and sits on his neck. Hows the view? Dozer taunts before delivering a couple of powerful gut punches to Viggos rock solid abs. You cant handle power, man. Big Dozer tells Viggo. But Viggo uses his own power to get Dozers big beefy body over his knee for a backbreaker. When Dozer tries to get out, Viggo delivers a dirty shot with his elbow to end Dozers resistance. Then Viggo does some posing, asking Dozer: How about that lean muscle now? The action only gets more intense as the match goes on. Dozer gives an incredible display of his power by throwing Viggo into the couch so hard it almost flips over. Viggo responds with a devastating forearm smash that drops Dozer to the mat. When Dozer charges Viggo like a bull, Viggo clocks him right on the jaw, knocking the big man down. Will cocky Viggos lean muscle leave the solid beef of big Dozer on the mat looking up him as Viggo predicted. Or will big Dozers solid beef put an end to Viggos impressive record of domination at Thunders Arena. The ending is decisive. Dont miss it.