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Viggo vs Flaco - Mat Rats 58

$ 31.25

Viggo stands at the edge of the pool, surveying the back yard when he is joined by Flaco, who asks if he wants to got for a swim.  Viggo is indignant that a tiny wimp like Flaco would bother talking to him.  Viggo has had enough and picks up his tiny irritant and walks over to the mat, slamming the kid down on the mat. Viggo ridicules Flaco, forcing him to flex and berating him for being so small and weak.  Viggo uses his size to advantage and easily places his tiny foe in a camel clutch, remarking how flexible the kid is.  Viggo ramps up his insults and steps on Flaco’s back and telling him to try to do pushups before offering to switch places and daring Flaco to hold him down. It’s clear that Flaco is no match for Viggo as the bigger guy throws him around like a rag doll.  A series of bearhugs, have Flaco totally engulfed by Viggo’s big arms and when he is released, he lays on the mat, helpless until Viggo demands he gets up.  The camera changes and we get to see Viggo from Flaco’s point of view as he flexes and shows off. Viggo tells Flaco to touch his muscles and see what a “real man” is like.  While Flaco feels, Viggo capitalizes on his distraction and goes for another long bearhug, squeezing the tiny Flaco to the point of breaking.  Flaco begs for mercy, but Viggo is relentless, as he keeps Flaco off the ground and threatens to throw him in the pool.  Tired of the lack of a challenge, Viggo drops Flaco to the mat and locks his powerful legs around the scrawny kid’s torso as Flaco flails and struggles to free himself.  Viggo keeps up the assault and goes for a Boston crab, but lets Flaco back up onto his feet and then all but surrenders as he plays along with Flaco’s attempt at a full nelson.  Viggo let’s the kid think he’s winning for a bit, but easily breaks free and throws the little guy over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry. After dumping Flaco on the mat, Viggo attacks the legs, pulling Flaco into a splits and over extending his leg. Flaco attempts another bearhug, but has it reversed and again falls prey to Viggo’s strength.  Viggo drops Flaco to the mat again and poses and flexes over him, while we get the view from Flaco’s eyes. Flaco starts pushing and Viggo plays along, letting him push him against the wall and attempt a gut punch that Viggo just laughs off before body slamming the little guy.  An over-the-knee back breaker demonstrates how small and flexible Flaco really is as Viggo pushes his chin towards the mat with one arm and flexes with the other.  Flaco appears broken, but Viggo doesn’t relent, he grabs the limp body of Flaco and again throws him over his shoulder, this time in a rack.  Will Flaco be beaten relentlessly his first time at the Arena?  Or will he rally and pull a David and Goliath?  Purchase the full match now and find out.