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Viggo vs Frey - No Holds Barred - Custom Video Series 19

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Frey is furious that Viggo broke the only television in the Thunders house. So Frey gets the hat which contains pieces of paper with wrestling moves written on them. He tells Viggo he is going to pick one out to see what move I am going to demolish you with. The paper he picks says low blow. These two cocky muscular studs take it to the mat. Viggo remains confident until Frey surprises him with the first of what will be many low blows. As Viggo drops to the mat in pain, Frey tries a pin, but only gets a two count before tough Viggo retaliates with a cheap shot of his own, putting Frey on his back. Then Viggo, who is a master at inflicting pain on an opponent, hovers his foot over Freys crotch, while holding Freys legs apart. Frey all but begs Viggo not to put his foot down on Freys already sore jewels. Viggo savors his position of control and tells Frey to respect him. After making Frey squirm, Viggo eventually stomps down and leaves Fey in a world of pain. Viggo rolls Frey up and attempts a pin, but only gets a two count. Surprised you still have fight in you. Viggo taunts the aching Frey. As soon as Frey is up, Viggo continues his assault and puts Frey in a full nelson. But Frey grabs Viggos junk and quickly puts Viggo in a full nelson. Now bent on revenge, Frey puts Viggo on his back, holds his legs apart and hovers his foot over Viggos crotch, making Viggo squirm. After savoring the moment, Frey plants his foot right where it hurts. With Viggo in a world of pain, Frey attempts a pin, but only gets a two count before the tough Viggo kicks out. The cocky Frey cant resist doing some posing, and while he is doing an awesome double bi for the camera, Viggo delivers a forearm smash from behind right between Freys legs. Looking down at the agonized Frey, Viggo says I could easily take advantage of you. I think I will. Viggo attempts a pin, but again gets only a two count. With Frey on all fours, trying to get up, Viggo straddles him and slams his butt into Freys back twice to force Frey back down. Frey retaliates with a forearm right between Viggos legs. After another failed attempt at a pin, Frey helps Viggo up and tells him to take a breath to recover from the damage Frey has inflicted on him. Then he picks Viggo up and puts him into an over the knee backbreaker. As if that werent painful enough, arrogant Frey tells Viggo Guess what? and then grabs Viggos package. Frey tells the stunned Viggo, Now you cant have kids. Everything is broken. As Frey stands over Viggo and gloats, Viggo reaches up and grabs Freys junk. Frey goes down in excruciating pain, while cocky Viggo flexes over him. To continue the punishment, Viggo sits on Freys chest facing backward and starts punching Freys abs. He finishes off with a punch to Freys already hurting family jewels. After another attempted pin, Viggo pulls Freys arm through his legs for a painful ball and chain. Frey escapes with a dirty shot and then applies a ball and chain to Viggo, actually picking the tough guy up and dropping him on the mat. Once Viggo gets to his feet, Frey says Its time to end this. Both have the same idea and simultaneously deliver cheap shots to the other, each one dropping to the mat in pain. When they both stagger to their feet, Viggo gets behind Frey and delivers one final, devastating forearm shot between Freys legs. With Frey now totally incapacitated from the pain, Viggo puts Frey in a long, deliberate three count. This is a really brutal contest between two very tough and very hot guys. You gotta see it to believe it.