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Viggo Marco flex pose bicep chest pecs arm abs muscle worship

Viggo vs Marco - Battlespace 78

$ 34.75

Viggo is a tough veteran wrestler at Thunders arena, with an impressive record of dominating his opponents. When new guy Marco shows up, cocky Viggo is ready to have his way with the smaller, but muscular young wrestler from Pittsburgh. Viggo makes fun of Marcos tattoos, his wrestling shoes and tells him he is short, trying to verbally intimidate the new guy. But scrappy Marco is not intimidated. He makes fun of Viggos trunks and admits he may be shorter, but claims hes got a few inches on Viggo in another part of his body. When the two lock up, Marco demonstrates some impressive wrestling skills, but Viggo manages to push the smaller guys head to the mat while flexing a one of his arms, bragging that he can do this all day. However, Viggo soon realizes that its going to be long day, as Marco demonstrates both his strength and quickness with a takedown, which starts with Marco putting his head up in between standing Viggos legs. Got me right in the balls Viggo says as he works through the pain. Viggo tries a full nelson, but Marco again shows his skill and power, putting Viggo in an over-the-shoulder carry. Showing off his strength, smaller Marco does some squats with the big tough veteran over his shoulder, saying that Viggo is pretty light. After tossing tough guy Viggo to the mat, Marco puts him in a side headlock. Viggo breaks out, but admits that Marco almost got him. Viggo gets some payback, putting Marco in a side headlock, with Marco facing up. Viggo slaps Marcos abs and calls him a puppy. But Marco again quickly gets out of the hold. Surprised, Viggo admits You are small but quick. When they lock up again Marco controls Viggo, sitting on his back, applying an arm bar and then a powerful leg scissors. Viggo manages to power out, but only after his face turns red from the pressure in Marcos powerful legs. Viggo retaliates, locking Marco in a leg scissors, but Marco refuses to give. Still confident in his ability to dominate the new guy, Viggo says, Youll quit sooner or later. When both get to their feet, Viggo vows that Marco is Not going beat this big boy. Not happening. But Marco shows his confidence, asking Viggo if he likes wrestling him. because it looks like Viggo is getting a little hard. Bouncing his junk, Viggo tells Marco if he thinks that's the size of something hard, Marco must not have much to work with. Marco confidently tells Viggo hes going to pull it out and slap Viggo around with it later. Viggo gets Marco in an over the knee backbreaker, but Marco rolls out and gets on top of Viggo, telling him Head down sweetheart. From here on Marcos control of Viggo becomes a total domination of the big tough veteran. Marco punishes Viggo with camel clutches and Boston crabs, sitting on the big guy, flexing and dishing out the verbal abuse before putting Viggo in a sleeper. When Viggo passes out, Marco mockingly asks Viggo if Marco was too strong for him and then flexes over unconscious Viggo. Marco pats Viggo to wake him up so he can have some more fun dominating the big tough guy. When Viggo comes to, Marco sits him up and locks Viggos head in a powerful standing scissors. Then Marco lays down with the scissors still on and verbally humiliates the beaten mat bully. When Viggo gives, Marco just squeezes his powerful legs tighter around Viggos head, enjoying his domination of the big guy. Marco finishes the match with a few totally unnecessary holds and some more verbal humiliation, saying Look at that. Lost to the new guy. Marco may be a new guy at Thunders, but he shows veteran wrestler Viggo what a smaller guy can do with muscle and mat skills.