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viking blayne mens muscle wrestling thunders arena sleeper abs flex

Viking vs Blayne - Custom Video Series 73

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

Whenever Blayne's involved in a match theirs always trash talk, Blayne knows he's strong, but is he strong enough to defeat the 6'6 Viking, Blayne circles viking, dodging out of the way when viking tries to grab him, he gives viking a cheap kick to his lightning shorts and throws him over his shoulder for a fireman's carry. In Blayne fashion he gives him a few good stomps to make it hurt. He puts Viking down but pins both his arms behind his back, before kicking him to the ground. Blayne takes advantage of Vikings pain and puts him on his back holding him up only by his throat, making viking say that he gives! He even falls to his knees, he pins Vikings arm before throwing him to the ground and gives him lots of painful rib punches, and than he tries to put him in a sleeper! But Viking muscles his way out of it, and lifts Blayne up in a chokehold! He even bumps his head on the garage motor a few times! He puts Blayne in a head scissor and gives his face a few good slaps, see if Viking can turn this around or if the little guy is going to come out on top!