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Viking vs Blayne - Rough & Ready 94

Viking vs Blayne - Rough & Ready 94

$ 25.95

In the time he’s been at Thunder’s Arena, Blayne has become one of our most popular and requested wrestlers, always ready to have a match with whoever Mr Mike throws at him.  Blayne walks onto the match, ready for his next match, totally oblivious that his opponent is already there and waiting – the mighty Viking!  Blayne stops in his tracks, his eyes bulging out in disbelief!  “S**t! You’re f***ing huge!”  Viking flexes his muscles, towering over his smaller opponent.  Blayne tries to sound confident, pushing Viking back, telling him that he’s “new to the ring”.  Viking’s demeanour completely changes to icy cold – “Did I say you could put your hands on me?” Uh, oh, Blayne’s in trouble now!

Viking slugs Blayne in the gut, doubling him over before pulling him into a loosely-held sleeper.  “There’s a reason they call me the Viking.”  The massive Viking drags Blayne to the mat, releasing the sleeper and grabbing his arms to pull them WAY back, stretching out Blayne’s muscled chest!  Another blow to his abs and Blayne is stunned – Viking drags him up and hauls him over his shoulders before slamming him down!  Viking grabs Blayne’s leg, slapping on an ankle lock!  Blayne is screaming in pain from the hold, but he manages to twist out and reverse!  Blayne grabs both of Viking’s legs, pulling back on a Boston Crab!  But that’s a mistake – Viking has incredibly powerful and long legs and he uses them to propel Blayne across the mat!  Viking follows through, clasping Blayne’s wrist for an arm lock, throwing in a slap to the spine for added humiliation!  Viking switches the hold up, wrapping both of Blayne’s arms around his own neck, choking him and then pulling back!  Blayne’s torso is pulled off the mat as he endures the agonising hold before Viking viciously shoves him back down.  “I don’t have time for your games Blayne, you’re wasting my time.”  Viking is all business as he stalks his prey, kicking him over and over again.  “You don’t even belong on the mat with me.”  Viking steps over Blayne, grabbing an arm and pulling back in a brutal arm bar!  Blayne struggles to escape, eventually twisting out of the hold – but he fails to capitalise as Viking again pins him down and ties him up with his legs!  Viking goes right back to the arm bar - this time on the other arm, trying to systematically destroy the fan-favourite!  Another sleeper and Blayne is out!

This match is far, far from over though as Blayne comes to, only to find himself trapped in the huge legs of Viking!  Blayne paws helplessly against the powerful quads as Viking tightens them, squeezing Blayne’s head for all he’s worth!  “Tap out, that’s the only way it’s gonna stop!”  Viking topples to the mat, keeping the excruciating hold locked on, like a cobra clamped on his prey!  But Viking still isn’t done, releasing the hold and motioning to lock up!  They do and Viking lashes out with his foot, kicking Blayne hard in the midsection!  The two trade hammer locks, with Viking powering out and clamping it on even harder!  “No more!” Blayne cries out as he feels his shoulder being ripped apart, but his please fall on deaf ears!  Viking sadistically grins as he clamps on another headscissor, crushing the hapless Blayne!  And still Viking is nowhere near done…

Viking unleashes his arsenal - arm locks, choke lifts, bearhugs, muscle busters, sleepers, chokes and so much more!  Can a low blow from Blayne turn the tide?  Or will Viking be too much for the experienced wrestler to handle?  Buy this big vs little match today and see for yourself!