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Viking vs Bolt - Rough & Ready 93

Viking vs Bolt - Rough & Ready 93

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Get ready for the next big thing to hit Thunder’s Arena, and we do mean BIG!


Bolt, in tight red singlet, is pacing the mat talking about how Mr Mike has lined up a match for him with a ‘big dude’ and how he ‘better be ready for this’.  Bolt has faced big guys before, so he figures that this’ll be no different, illustrating his point with several push-ups!  Bolt is waiting for the new recruit, flexing for the camera, when suddenly, he appears – Viking!  Standing at 6’6”, 260lbs, bearded, tattooed and built, Viking looks a force to be reckoned with!  He starts to flex alongside Bolt, dwarfing the Thunder’s veteran, but Bolt is sneaky and fires a shot into Viking’s abs!  “How’d that feel?” asks Bolt.  “My sister hits harder than that.”  Bolt goes in for a shoulder barge to the midsection, but Viking catches him and brings down a massive forearm to Bolt’s spine, sending him crashing to the mat with a single blow!  Bolt gets to his feet and decides to try and bring the big man down by attacking his traps.  Bolt locks on a DOUBLE TRAP CLAW, but Viking raises his arms and smashes them down on Bolt’s breaking the hold and sending him tumbling to the mat again!  Mr Mike was right – Viking definitely brings something to the table!  With more than a hint of malice, Viking grabs Bolt by the throat.  “Little Bolt, Mr Mike’s told me all about you!” Viking grabs Bolt’s neck with both hands and lifts him high off the mat – Bolt’s head almost goes through the ceiling!  Viking throws Bolt to the mat, but Bolt gets up and goes for a clothesline on the giant.  One, then another, then another – Viking barely moves!  “Are you done?” Viking catches Bolt’s arm, throwing him back to the mat and clamping on an arm bar – Bolt is screaming!  Viking lifts Bolt up in another choke lift, throwing him down hard!  Viking doesn’t give Bolt chance to recover as he drives his knee into Bolt’s spine, pulling back on his arms – Bolt is howling in pain!  Bolt tries to regroup as Viking flexes, but Viking slaps on a seriously tight sleeper, letting Bolt drop to the floor just before he goes out!  Viking steps over Bolt, clamping a vice-like standing head scissors on the hapless prey that has Bolt fearing for his life!  Viking takes the hold to the mat, straightening out his immense legs, maximising the CRUSHING POWER!  Bolt has NEVER been squeezed so hard!  Bolt tries to mount some form of attack, but is met with a single-hand choke before Viking hauls him over his shoulders!

Bolt is suffering, in real trouble as Viking throws him down again and plants his foot on Bolt’s chest, pressing down with all his 260lbs!  Viking grabs Bolt’s leg, applying a devastating ankle lock that has Bolt writhing in agony!  Viking steps away, giving Bolt a chance to get up – he goes for a takedown, but forgets about Viking’s powerful forearm blow!  Viking brings his arm down HARD on Bolt’s spine, sending him careening to the mat, almost crippling the fan-favourite!  A modified Boston Crab has Bolt suffering in more pain than he’s ever suffered before!  Viking pulls Bolt up by his hair, into an incredibly tight bearhug!  Viking squeezes Bolt, shaking him side to side before dumping him back to the mat.  But something snaps in Bolt - he pulls his singlet straps down, a new intensity in his eyes as he gets behind the massive Viking, jumping up and slapping on a sleeper hold!

Has Bolt found the chink in Viking’s armor?  Can he come back and put the big man away?  Or will the mountainous Viking prove unstoppable?  This match is far from over, building up to an unbelievable finish that you won’t soon forget!  A new superstar is born!