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Eagel puts Viking ino a full nelson at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Viking vs Eagle - Battlespace 106

$ 25.95

Evening has fallen at Thunder’s Arena as two of our biggest superstars stand ready to battle!

Eagle and Viking are on the mats, flexing and comparing physiques in the evening air.  Eagle is all tanned, thick muscle, whilst Viking is as ripped as ever!  Viking mocks Eagle’s abs, asking where they’re at?!  Eagle answers the challenge, tensing up his incredible physique and making his muscle pop.  Eagle’s traps are huge and solid as he clamps down on his thighs, expelling air to better show off his six-pack – but Viking uses the opening to clamp on an out-of-nowhere Full Nelson!  Poor Eagle’s body is stretched to the max on Viking’s torture-rack torso!  Having exerted his dominance, Viking releases Eagle and goes back to showing off his midsection.  “Now it’s my turn” declares Eagle as he applies a Nelson of his own – Viking’s abs crunch down and stand out in stark relief as Eagle muscles the taller man’s chin down towards his chest!  “Woooo,” crows Viking, “that’s what they like to see!”  Eagle jumps up, clamping his legs around Viking as he powers on the hold – he stretches Viking out before switching to a TIGHT ab stretch, slapping Viking’s abs and pecs for added pain!  Quick as a bolt of lightning, Viking hip tosses Eagle to the mat – Eagle lands HARD as Viking plants a foot on his torso – “They don’t call me Viking for nothing, little boy!”

Eagle gets to his feet, but quickly finds himself caught in Viking’s front facelock.  Viking doesn’t give him a chance to escape as he lands a clubbing blow to the bodybuilder’s thick back, sending him careening back down to the mat.  Again, Eagle gets to his feet – this time Viking is waiting to slap on another Full Nelson, only this time Eagle is prepared!  The musclehunk FLEXES down on Viking’s arms, POWERING out of the hold and reversing it on his shocked opponent!  Viking tries to power out in the same way, but Eagle throws him against the wall, firing shots into Viking’s abs before dragging his head into Eagle’s DEADLY thighs!  Eagle is both famed and feared for his quads – few men have ever managed to withstand them, let alone escape them!  But Viking has obviously done his homework as he summons all his strength to stand straight up, THRUSTING Eagle high into the air on his shoulders!  Can an Eagle be afraid of heights?  It sure looks that way as the soaring superstar perches precariously on Viking’s delts!  Viking tilts forward, sending Eagle face first to the mat.  The bodybuilder tries to recover, but Viking is not in the mood for mercy – he immediately slaps on a standing headscissors, revenge for the CRUSH he got from Eagle!  Viking goes for another Nelson, but Eagle gets free and hammer locks Viking’s arm, threatening to wrench his shoulder out its socket!  Eagle changes tactic and switches to a sleeper hold, his thick arms wrapped tight around Viking’s neck – the big man is out!

Eagle is eager to continue and Viking is only too happy to oblige!  A gut-and-nut-wrecking rack (with added squats!) and a crippling armbar force Eagle to tap out and it’s one all!  With everything on the line, the two gladiators go all out for the win!  A triangle choke, folding pins, bone-crunching bearhugs, cradles and more!  A DEVASTATING Clothesline into Oblivion!  Add this Battle of the Titans to your collection today!