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chokehold mens muscle wrestling viking fang thunders arena

Viking vs Fang - Rough and Ready 107

$ 31.25

There's not much trash talk between these two, both in singlets they certainly look ready to wrestle, and grapple but its not long before Viking shoves fang out of the mat circle. Viking taunts fang telling him he needs to stay in the mat. Fang manages to pin Vikings arm behind him but its not long before Viking reverses it back onto Fang! But it seems like Viking is seriously underestimating Fang, he reverses it again back onto viking! This time he wants to keep Viking right where he has him and tries to put him in a full nelson, but Viking wants to show his power, and puts Fang in a full nelson! Viking is so big compared to Fang when he puts him in a full nelson Fang is on his toes! Viking even picks up Fang a few times to taunt him even more, until fang taps! Viking won the first round but see who comes out victorious!