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Viking vs Finn McCool - Vegas Battles 25

Viking vs Finn McCool - Vegas Battles 25

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Finn is out on the balcony in the Vegas sun, practicing his posing when a just-woken-up Viking enters.  Viking is unimpressed with Finn’s routine and tells him to move so he can get his workout in.  After a little flexing himself, Viking calls Finn back, saying he’s going to teach him how to train legs.  Suddenly, Viking clubs Finn to the floor!  Finn is stunned as Viking calmly walks around behind him, pulls him up by his hair and wraps his deadly arms around Finn’s neck in an incredibly tight sleeper hold!  Finn struggles to his feet, but Viking has the hold locked on!  “I’m not ready for you to sleep yet” says Viking.  “I need to train my legs.”  Viking proceeds to hoist Finn over his shoulders, matter-of-factly telling him what he’s doing as he performs squats using Finn as the weight!  After he completes his set, Viking dumps Finn to the mat and does some posing of his own!  Viking’s abs look like a brick wall as he tenses and flexes.  Turning his attention back to Finn, Viking stalks his prey!  Finn kicks out, shoving Viking away, but the big man just smiles and comes back, grabbing Finn’s legs and flipping him over for a kneeling Boston Crab!  Finn is trapped with nowhere to go as the sadistic Viking cranks the hold, but he refuses to give in!

Viking releases and walks a few steps away.  Finn recovers, but doesn’t leave as Viking is telling him too.  Instead, Finn slaps a bearhug on him!  Finn’s lats flare as he piles on the pressure, but Viking’s honed body withstands the pain.  Viking smiles as he summons his strength and POWERS out of the hold, sending Finn reeling backwards!  Finn rushes back in, again going for the bearhug – he gets the hold, but is unable to get Viking off the ground – he’s just too darned tall!  Viking cracks a wry smile, amused by Finn’s efforts, but enough is enough – he forces his arms down and again powers out, tripping Finn to the mat in the process!  Viking positively oozes confidence as he flexes some more – suddenly Finn slugs him in the gut!  Viking’s face takes a darker turn as he goes from being amused to being frustrated with the young musclestud.  Viking pulls Finn into a front facelock, really cranking it hard before switching to a full nelson!  Finn is powerless as Viking pours on the pain, forcing his chin down into his pecs!  Finn is again unceremoniously thrown to the floor as Viking takes the opportunity to show off.  Suddenly, Finn sees his chance and rushes behind Viking, hammering his arm behind his back!  But Viking reverses, almost ripping Finn’s arm out!  Finn is in total agony as Viking manhandles him.  Finn escapes and manages to hammer Viking’s arm again, but again Viking reverses!  They go back and forth trading holds, seeing who can outlast the other.  Viking ups his game, sending Finn to his knees!  “Eventually you’re gonna learn, that you’re not going to win this.”  Finn gets back to his feet, again attacking the arm of Viking.  Viking has had enough and clamps a rear bearhug on Finn, pulsing the hold and crushing the life out of him!  Viking grabs Finn by the throat and, in a dangerous tone asks “Are we done here?”  An incredibly tense (and intense!) finale, get this match today and see for yourself!