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viking iceman18 mens muscle wrestling abs flex

Viking vs Iceman18 - Rough & Ready 108

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Viking is in his usual shorts posing for the camera, when Iceman feels like he doesn't have anything to show off, they compare bodies and start pinching each other, Viking even gives iceman a little slap! They grapple, Iceman makes Viking take a knee before Viking throws him away! They grapple again, Viking grabs iceman arm and pins his arm behind his back, even though Iceman is smaller he manages to pin Vikings Arm! They go back and forth pinning each others arms, until Viking tosses Iceman on the ground and smacks him across his chest so hard he falls to the ground! Viking picks Iceman up in a chokehold, he holds him there so long he looks like he's really struggling, his whole face turns red! Viking throws Iceman to the ground before continuing the assault on his throat, putting him in sleepers, see if Iceman can win against this giant!