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Sleeper Thunders arena

Viking vs Kid Romeo - Custom Video Series 63

$ 31.25

Viking has made one heck of a name for himself at Thunder’s Arena, steamrolling over pretty much everyone who has been brave enough to step on the mats or in the ring with him!  So when he sees his next opponent, the much-smaller-than-Viking Kid Romeo, you can forgive the muscle model for laughing!  “What are you doing here little man,” asks Viking.  Kid Romeo answers “I saw your match with Scrappy.”  “Yeah? Refresh my memory” When Kid Romeo mentions ‘the science’, it all clicks into place and Viking remembers the ‘lesson’ he got from Scrappy that day!  Viking HATES to be reminded of a defeat and drills a PUNISHING fist into the unsuspecting Kid Romeo’s abs, sending the smaller man careening to the canvas!  Kid climbs to his feet, trying to regroup, but Viking is ready with another gut shot that sends Kid Romeo right back down.  Viking’s face is a mask of cold fury as he grabs the back of Kid’s neck and HAMMERS him down with a brutal elbow to the head!  Kid slowly gets up, only to be met with more ab battering as Viking punches and kicks him in the midsection!  Viking exploits his height advantage with another DEVASTATING elbow to the top of Kid’s head!  “This is just a waste of my time.”  Viking give no quarter as he bludgeons Kid with raw, unadulterated, BRUTE FORCE!

Kid Romeo still thinks that science can save him as Viking hoists him up into an upside-down bearhug, right into an over-the-knee backbreaker!  Suddenly Kid runs to the apron and grabs a bag – “you want to see some science?”  Viking is amused and goes along with it, confident he can deal with anything Kid can dole out.  Kid Romeo digs into the bag, then throws SALT into Viking’s eyes!  The giant is blinded as Kid Romeo seizes his opportunity – he fires several revenge gut shots into Viking’s midsection, drilling fist after fist into Viking’s abs! Kid Romeo doesn’t let up, bulldogging the big man face-first to the canvas!  Kid pulls Viking’s singlet straps down, exposing his battered chest and abs.  Kid Romeo jumps up onto Viking’s back, sinking in a sleeper hold to try and put the giant out!  Viking sinks to one knee, then two, then – he’s out!  Kid Romeo pins Viking for the three-count!

But the war isn’t over as a supremely confident Kid Romeo slaps Viking’s back to wake him up – has he never heard of letting the sleeping beast lay? Viking comes too and he is FURIOUS!  Can Kid Romeo keep up the assault and keep the Viking at bay?  Will Viking teach Kid a lesson his own?  Get this match today to see who walks out of the ring and who is left out cold on the canvas!