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Viking vs Mack - Ring Wars 54

Viking vs Mack - Ring Wars 54

$ 31.25

Viking and Mack are friends outside of the ring, but there’s obviously some history here – “It was just a matter time before this happened” states Viking, before the two tie up.  They both push and shove, but neither gets anywhere – not many can say they they’re evenly matched with the mighty Viking!  They tie up again and Viking drives the newcomer back to the ropes before releasing him, an arrogant ‘you can’t take this’ look on his face.  They go for another tie up and this time Mack manages to get Viking’s arm, hammering it high up behind Viking’s back!  Mack switches to a headlock, but Viking manages to power out!  Another lock up and Viking steals Mack’s move – “Anything you can do, I can do a lot better!”  Mack winces in pain as Viking enjoys his revenge…

The two tattooed hunks start flexing and comparing muscle before locking up again but again, neither man gives!  They make to go for another lock up, but Viking has had enough of that and instead lands a push kick to Mack’s chest, doubling the musclestud over!  Viking lands his signature forearm blow to Mack’s back, sending him crashing to the canvas.  Sensing the tide has turned, Viking stalks Mack and slowly applies a sleeper hold!  “What’s my name?”  “Viking uunh Princess!”  Wrong answer Mack!  Viking switches to a full nelson, using it to haul Mack to his feet!  Mack’s body glistens with sweat as Viking holds him fast!

Viking decides to show off his abs for the camera, giving the fans a show – but Mack seizes the opportunity to land a solid kick to Viking’s torso, sending him into the corner where Mack unloads on his abs!  Taking it to the canvas, Mack wraps his legs around Viking’s body for a crushing scissor hold!  Viking desperately tries to prise Mack’s solid legs open, but Mack quickly drags Viking up into a full nelson.  But Viking manages to power out, leaving Mack wondering what happened to his advantage!  Viking decides to administer some punishment, stepping over Mack’s shoulders for a standing headscissor before dropping to the canvas and switching to a shoulder-popping arm bar!  “Go ahead and tap!” says Viking, but Mack refuses!

The match goes back and forth with both men wearing each other down.  Bodies are slick with sweat as each works hard to put the other away!  It’s friend against friend, muscle against muscle.  Sleeper holds, scissors, chokes and arm bars.  A Boston Crab from Viking!  Who will come out on top?  Can Mack upset the Viking? Or will Viking add another name to his long list of victims? Order it today and see for yourself!