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muscular men wrestling thunders arena

Viking vs Scrappy - Rough & Ready 99

$ 34.75

“I am not the new guy – I am the ONLY guy!”

Viking has been an unstoppable machine since he arrived at Thunder’s Arena, mowing down opponents with merciless beatdowns and skilfully applied submission holds, designed to inflict maximum pain!  In the matroom, and wearing very tight red and blue trunks, Viking is going through his stretching routine when none other than Scrappy enters the frame!  Scrappy obviously hasn’t got the memo about the hulking Viking and pushes him aside, claiming the mat as his personal workout space!  Viking has an incredulous look on his face as Scrappy runs his mouth – but Viking knows how to push Scrappy’s buttons; “Are you Bolt’s pet?  That’s what you look like – a smaller, wimpier version of Bolt.”  Like a Bull to the proverbial red rag, Scrappy charges at Viking, wrapping his arms around his midsection, trying to lift the big man off the mat!  But Viking counters, slowly coiling his arm around Scrappy’s neck, his forearm pressed hard against Scrappy’s throat!  A thunderous blow to the back has Scrappy crashing to the mat, clutching his spine.  Scrappy works his way back to his feet, again going low and trying to bearhug his foe.  Viking pushes Scrappy to his knees, grabbing his hands and TOWERING over him!  “Not that it matters, but before I kick your ass, who are you?”  Scrappy goes to respond, but as he says his name, Viking yanks him forward face first to the mat!  “Scrappy, Bolt – you guys can all be my pets.” Viking’s arrogance is off the chart!  Scrappy tries again for a bearhug, but Viking is too powerful – he pushes Scrappy’s head between his legs and hoists him up into an upside-down bearhug!  Viking’s thick forearms dig into Scrappy’s ribs as the helpless superstar screams in pain.  “Put me down, please!” Viking does just that – right over his knee in a backbreaker!  Viking’s bulging traps look like they’re about to explode as he pushes down hard on Scrappy’s head and legs!  Viking slaps Scrappy’s abs before shoving him to the mat.  Scrappy clutches his back, wincing from the punishment being inflicted!  Viking stalks his prey, waiting for Scrappy to rise before lashing out with his now-signature choke into a double-handed chokelift – Scrappy’s eyes bug out as he is thrust up towards the ceiling! Viking throws him to the other side of the mat!

Scrappy recovers and changes tact, shoving Viking up against the wall and unloading on his abs – but the mighty Viking in unfazed, flexing his abs into steel bricks!  Scrappy switches to a full nelson, but can’t lock it on – instead he jumps up and tries to clamp on a choke.  Viking responds by grabbing Scrappys head and hurling him forward over his shoulder!  Scrappy lands hard on the mat, with Viking following up with a brutal headscissor!  Scrappy frantically taps the mat – “I can’t breathe!”  “That’s the point.”  Viking plants his foot on Scrappy’s back, pinning him to the mat.  As if that wasn’t humiliating enough, Viking grabs Scrappy’s head and DRIVES it into the mat before reclining back using Scrappy as a pillow!  A STANDING HEADSCISSOR has Scrappy begging for release, but Viking is having none of it!  Toppling to the mat, Viking cranks the crushing hold on tighter, Scrappy’s face contorting into a picture of agony!

Bone-crunching bearhugs, chinlocks, a vicious kick to the head, more chokes, an elbow drop and a bicep-ripping armlock – Viking is tearing Scrappy apart piece by piece!  Can Scrappy find an opening and take down the towering titan?  Or will Viking claim another victim?  This outstanding match will keep you coming back for more - add it to your collection today!