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Viking vs Zman and Scrappy - Rough & Ready 100

Viking vs Zman and Scrappy - Rough & Ready 100

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

2-on-1 or 1-on-2?

Z-Man and Scrappy are outside, comparing notes about how they were both soundly beaten by Thunder’s Arena’s new recruit, the mighty Viking!  Bruised egos flare and soon they are both flexing and trash talking about how they weren’t ready and what would happen if either of them ever see Viking again.  Unbeknownst to the two, Viking is nearby and hears every word!  Suddenly, Viking flies in from off-camera with a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE, nearly decapitating the surprised superstars!  “I’m here now, boys!”  Viking drags Scrappy up off the mat and into a rib-bending bearhug, before literally throwing him at Z-Man!  Viking switches his attention to Z-Man, hoisting him up into a chokelift and using him as a missile at Scrappy!  As Z-Man and Scrappy get to their feet, Viking lashes out with a hand to each of their throats!  “You know how easy you make this for me?” Viking taunts as he pulls the two musclestuds in, forcing them to collide with each other, sending them both to the mat!  Viking again focusses on Scrappy, straddling his head for a Standing Headscissor!  Scrappy has been here before and he did NOT want to be here again!  Z-Man tries to save the suffering Scrappy, launching himself at Viking’s back, trying to clamp on a choke – but Viking is having none of it, grabbing Z-Man’s head and hurling him forward over his shoulder, all the while crushing Scrappy’s skull!  Viking is spilt for choice as to who to punish first!  Letting Scrappy go, Viking switches to Z-Man, slapping on a mean Boston Crab.  Scrappy is still seeing stars, but provides the assist, clambering on Viking’s back and forcing him to release the hold!  Scrappy holds on for dear life as Viking tries to buck him off – Scrappy loses his grip and finds himself hauled over Viking’s shoulder!  Viking bounces him up and down, each impact battering Scrappy’s abs, before dumping him to the mat.  Z-Man goes for a flying cross-body, but Viking catches him in mid-air, GORILLA PRESSES him and throws him at Scrappy!

Changing tactics, Z-Man and Scrappy co-ordinate their next attack, going for a leg each to try and bring the giant down!  But Viking stays firmly upright, wrapping his arms around Z-|Man and Scrappy’s necks in bookend front face locks!  And then, just to seal the deal, DOUBLE DDT!!!  Viking drives both wrestlers into the mat, face first!  Z-Man gets to his feet first, right into a nasty Full Nelson.  Scrappy is still groggy after the DDT and wearily gets to his feet – right into the same Full Nelson!  Viking has both of them locked up IN THE SAME HOLD!  Viking throws them to the floor, again zeroing in on Scrappy for a rear choke, looking to put the hapless superstar out!  Scrappy is succumbing to the tight hold, but Z-Man sees an opening – getting behind Viking, Z-Man grabs his head and pulls back hard, forcing Viking down to the mat!  Z-Man is jubilant in finally getting Viking off his feet, but his celebration is short lived – a now furious Viking gets to his feet and again grabs the two by their throats, smashing them together in another collision!  Viking pulls Scrappy up and slugs him in the gut, following up with a knee lift to Z-Man!  Then, showing off his awesome strength and power, Viking hoists them BOTH over his shoulders!  Viking is unrelenting in his punishment as he manhandles the two men, throwing them around the mat.  Leg locks, bearhugs, back breakers, slams and arm bars – Viking’s body glistens with sweat as he unleashes his arsenal on the two upstarts, including an incredible STANDING DROPKICK to Z-Man’s face!

An illegal foreign object finally brings Viking to the mat, where Z-Man and Scrappy join forces to slap on a vicious Camel Clutch / Boston Crab combination!  Is it enough to get Viking to submit?  Can Scrappy and Z-Man reclaim their dignity and avenge their losses?  Or will the superhuman Viking prevail, again?  This match is chock full of WTF moments – add it to your collection today and see for yourself!