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Vinny v Brazil - Bodybuilder Battle 132

$ 31.25

"I don't care who this guy is; I'm gonna DESTROY him! Pretty boy, surfer look, slick hair, gonna squash him right to the ground!" threatens Vinny getting his first look at the South American beast. "You think you're like a dinosaur or something?" mocks Brazil flexing his beefy muscles. "I'm a gorilla! This guy right here is a telletubby to me!" Vinny wraps his powerful pythons around the beast in a RIB-CRUSHING belly to back bearhug taking him down to the mat. "Come on gorilla, whatever it is!" groans Brazil. "Feel the pain!" The vet squeezes tighter and pulls the South American on top of him delivering a grueling full nelson/leg stretch combo as he moans in pain. "I'm gonna stop it. You'll try to win, but you don't!" taunts Vinny transitioning to a CRIPPLING camel clutch! Brazil's beefy pecs are stretched to their limits as the behemoth wraps his bulging bicep around his throat squeezing the air from his lungs! "That's what I'm talking about!" Vinny drops the motionless beast face first to the mat as he struggles to stand. Out of nowhere, Brazil barrels in with a tight headlock, "You are big! How it feels?" before FLIPPING the behemoth on his back. Vinny can barely catch his breath before he is gut punched and stomped in the abs! Brazil rolls the burly vet over and climbs on his back folding back his leg and CRUSHES Vinny's throat with his beefy bicep, "Feel the arms, feels good huh?" Vinny gasps for air as his anger builds, "I'll get you!" The South American beast releases his hold flexing in victory as the vet recovers and surprises him with a massive shoulder carry SHAKING Brazil up and down as he screams in pain! "Break your ribs pretty boy!" Vinny slams the muscle beast down and continues his assault: a meaty forearm blow to the back, tight full nelson, brutal ab stretch! "I can't breathe!" pleads Brazil. "You're weak!" taunts Vinny. "No, you're just too strong!" The muscle beast struggles to his feet and wants revenge. A BACK-BREAKING belly to belly bearhug has the vet in trouble. "I thought you weighed more!" Vinny's hulking frame is powerless to escape as he crumbles to the mat and is gut punched by Brazil. Pound for pound, these big boys are pretty evenly matched, so they decide to test their strength in a mercy challenge. Veins popping, muscles bulging, both beasts struggle in the viselike grip! Vinny finally overpowers Brazil dropping him to his knees WRENCHING his arms down as he screams in pain and collapses to the mat totally gassed! "Man I'm having fun with you. Kicking your a** all over!" Vinny is relentless and locks in a brutal Boston crab as Brazil claws at the mat, "Ahh my back!" "You're nothing!" A brutal dirty trick and sharp knee to the ribs helps Brazil escape sending the vet crashing down. Time for some payback! An ab stretch, fireman's carry, stomps to the back, and a barrage of brutal gut punches have Vinny writhing in agony barely able to move! "Come on gorilla, godzilla, whatever you are!" Brazil goes back to flexing turning his back on the vet. BIG MISTAKE! A surprise sleeper from behind has the South American muscle hulk passing out in the tight embrace. "Little b****, that's what I'm talking about. Wake up!" A brutal gut punch jolts Brazil awake as he's dragged to his feet for a devastating CLOTHESLINE! "How's that clothesline from hell feel?" The battle of the big boys continues as gut punches, a sleeper, brutal belly to belly bearhug, and tornado fireman's carry lead to a pile of broken beefy muscle on the mat!