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Vinny vs ??? - Rough & Ready 127

$ 31.25

"I'm sick and tired of you giving me losers! I've been here 9 years; I want some real challenges!" yells a PISSED OFF Vinny not knowing the surprise Mr. Mike has up his sleeve. In walks a four year college and national champion wrestler standing toe to toe with the vet. "I'm about to butter your biscuits!" threatens the Mystery Wrestler. Vinny is not impressed, "Who the hell are you? I'm gonna kill this guy, tear his insides out, bury him in a coffin after we're done!" "We'll see about that big boy!" Both muscle hunks head to the mat as the newbie warms up mocking the seasoned vet, "You probably have never seen these moves before cuz you're so old!" Vinny snaps wrapping his powerful pythons around the rookie in a RIB-CRUSHING belly to back bearhug, "You're a beginner; I'll break you in son!" The Mystery Wrestler groans in pain struggling to escape as the behemoth transitions to a tight full nelson STRETCHING him out in his viselike grip! Finally, the muscle stud is able to power out taking Vinny down with a brutal arm bar and grueling banana split. "How's that stretch?" taunts the newbie as the vet is in agony barely able to get back up. Time for some payback! The muscle beast barrels in lifting the Mystery Wrestler onto his boulder shoulder and SHAKES him up and down obliterating his insides! "Put me down! My ribs, come on this isn't even a move!" A devious Vinny is happy to obey and slams the muscle stud to the mat locking in a CRIPPLING camel clutch, "I don't think your warm up paid off!" Painful moans fill the arena as Mystery Wrestler's back looks ready to break, and Vinny wraps his bulging bicep around his throat, "Go to sleep!" Fighting to stay conscious, the rookie summons enough strength to trip the big man down to the mat and rolls him in a tight cradle. Vinny screams in pain as his hulking frame is BENT beyond its limits then into a vicious shoulder and ab stretch. These goliaths will stop at nothing to rip each other apart limb by limb! Back on their feet, a massive tie up leads to Vinny WRENCHING the newbie's arm nearly out of socket in a hammerlock then bearhugging him from behind with his arms pinned to his sides, "Feel that power!" Mystery Wrestler's thick frame is helpless in the tight embrace, "That's a good grip. You can't make me give!" With his victim weakened, the behemoth is up for the challenge and sends him CRASHING down with a brutal forearm blow to the back! Barely moving, Vinny drags the beefy wrestler to his feet and chokelifts him, "You can't breathe; can you?" The newbie's face begins to turn white as the blood rushes from his head; he finally taps out crumbling to the mat! His torture continues as a ruthless Vinny HAMMERS the defenseless rookie again and peels him up from the floor for another devastating chokelift! "Come on; you can do better than this!" taunts Vinny. "I didn't do this in college!" gasps the Mystery Wrestler laying motionless on his back. A sharp knee to the ribs, gut punch, and elbow drop lead to a brutal fireman's carry as the behemoth SQUEEZES the newbie over his thick traps, "Crush you!" "Put me down!" pleads the rookie. The back and forth non-stop action heats up: vicious sleeper, low blow, brutal Boston crab, leg stretch, chokehold, a STOMP to the groin! An intense mercy challenge has both titans falling back and forth to their knees as their veins pop and muscles bulge in the viselike grip. Shockingly, Vinny is overpowered and slammed on his back! "Give up! Rookies are taking over!" orders the Mystery Wrestler. A SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors and devastating dragon sleeper lead to a shocking end, "Break your neck! Go to sleep!"