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Vinny vs Blayne - Ring Wars 47

Vinny vs Blayne - Ring Wars 47

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Blayne takes on Vinny in the Ring!

Vinny is in the ring, pacing like a wild animal and itching to inflict an “ass whuppin’”!  Blayne ignores the threat, getting down to business with a lock-up.  Vinny is just fine with that!  Blayne manages to get behind Vinny and trips him down to the canvas!  Vinny doesn’t say anything, but you can tell he’s seething with rage – Blayne had better watch out!  They lock up again and Vinny goes low, lifting Blayne off the floor and tossing him away like a rag!  Blayne steps it up, grabbing Vinny’s arm and bending it back in a hammer lock.  Vinny grimaces as his shoulder is twisted out of place, but he manages to power out and floors the surprised Blayne with a tree-felling CLOTHESLINE!  Blayne tries to recover, but Vinny follows up with a blow to Blayne’s back and an upside-down bearhug!  “Put me down” says Blayne – and Vinny obliges, throwing him across the ring to land in a crumpled heap!  Vinny stomps and punches Blayne, but the stubborn superstar gets to his feet and lunges in, lifting Vinny up onto his shoulders!  WTF?!  Blayne poses for the camera before sending Vinny to the canvas!  Vinny is quick to recover though and spins Blayne into the corner.  Blayne is in for a world of hurt as the villain attacks his abs and pecs before firing him across to the opposite turnbuckle!  Vinny splashes Blayne into the corner, firing rapid-fire stomps into his midsection!  Blayne fights back with a slam, but Vinny slaps on an air-tight bearhug!  Blayne struggles for breath as Vinny inexorably squeezes!  Blayne is dropped to the floor, where Vinny attacks with more stomps and an arm bar scissor!  Blayne writhes in pain as Vinny batters him like a fish!  A choke lift has Blayne turning the same color as his trunks!  Vinny is relentless in his punishment, tenderizing Blayne’s abs like a steak!

“You had enough yet?”  Blayne answers with a painful nipple twist!  Is he serious?!  Seizing the moment, Blayne whips Vinny into the corner and splashes his abs – but Vinny suddenly charges out with another clothesline, hitting Blayne like a Mac truck!  Vinny stretches Blayne out, working over his shoulders.  Vinny hoists Blayne up onto his shoulders, ready to slam him down – but Blayne has other ideas – he catches Vinny’s head between his muscular legs, squeezing the muscle hunk hard!  He lifts Vinny up in an upside-down bearhug, but it’s too much too soon – Vinny’s beatdown has taken its toll on Blayne and he crumples under the effort.  Vengeful Vinny is going to make him pay for his mistake though!  Vinny drags Blayne to his feet, painfully bending his hand back and unloading on his body!  Punches, kicks, clotheslines, knee lifts, choke slams and splashes – Vinny lets loose with everything he has!

Can Blayne weather the storm and come back?  Will he find a chink in Vinny’s armor?  Or will Vinny’s intensity and brutality prove too much for the fan favorite to handle?  One thing’s for certain, this is NOT the squash job Vinny imagined it would be!