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Vinny vs Blayne - Rough & Ready 101

Vinny vs Blayne - Rough & Ready 101

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Leather Bully Beatdown!

Vinny is back!  Decked out in a leather waistcoat, leather gloves and two-tone trunks, Vinny is face-to-face with Blayne.  Vinny mocks Blayne’s leather jacket (which he’s wearing for a photo shoot), leading the smaller man to shove Vinny backwards – never a good move!  Furious that Blayne dared to touch him, Vinny pushes Blayne hard against the wall, slugging him in the midsection!  Vinny follows up with a pair of vicious knee lifts and a front face lock, choking the breath out of Blayne.  Vinny looks incredible as he forces Blayne to his knees, crushing his throat!  Vinny drags Blayne to his feet and throws him against the wall, sinking blow after blow into his abs!  Blayne’s please fall on deaf ears as Vinny throws him to the mat and straddles him, going right back to work on Blayne’s midsection.  Vinny’s mean (and nasty!) streak surfaces as he drives four elbows into Blayne’s inner thigh!  Blayne is still in the jacket as Vinny traps him in a tight Full Nelson, switching to a Bearhug!  Vinny catches sight of his own flexed arm – “Wow, look at that bicep!”  Blayne looks around for the show as Vinny lets him fall to the floor.  If there’s maybe one thing Vinny likes more than beating up on a hapless opponent, it’s making them worship his muscle – Vinny flexes his bicep in Blayne’s face, letting him feel and worship it when suddenly Blayne is seeing it up close in a smothering choke hold with Vinny threatening to crush his face!

The Brooklyn Bully pulls Blayne back to his feet and strips him of the jacket, leaving Blayne in a grey singlet.  Vinny wastes no time, pulling the unwitting Blayne into a devastating clothesline that sends him tumbling to the mat!  Vinny removes his waistcoat and uses it to choke the life out of Blayne!  Vinny is looking massive and ripped as he DOMINATES his prey!  Blayne is almost out, but Vinny isn’t going to let him off that easily – he slaps Blayne awake and hauls him up for another Full Nelson!  Blayne is being worked over but hard!  Vinny puts Blayne on his back and straddles him, planting all his weight high up on Blayne’s chest.  The helpless Blayne is getting an up close and very personal view as Vinny sits back and folds Blayne’s legs up under his arms!  Blayne is trapped with nowhere to go as Vinny flexes for his biggest fan – himself!  Blayne refuses to submit!

Vinny’s muscular torso gleams with sweat as he puts on a show as Blayne recovers.  Blayne jumps to his feet, but Vinny is waiting with a spine-pulverising bearhug!  Vinny is so sweaty that Blayne can’t even get any traction to push back!  Vinny drapes Blayne over his knee and again attacks his abs!  Blayne is manhandled, beaten, abused and stripped of his singlet!  Vinny is utterly merciless, unleashing all his arsenal against the suffering stud!  A PILEDRIVER puts Blayne out, but Vinny isn’t done playing!  He clubs Blayne awake and drags his head into his waiting thighs for a skull-crushing headscissor – Blayne Is put out again!  But Vinny still has one more ace to play…