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Vinny vs Cap - Battlespace 110

Vinny vs Cap - Battlespace 110

$ 31.25

The 170lbs underdog Cap is set to take on the 230lbs giant Vinny in a David vs Goliath Matchup! The battle begins with the mighty Vinny flexing. Cap walks in, has his eyes on the giant, and tells Vinny he's gonna show him some moves. 
Surprisingly, Cap picks up Vinny and BODYSLAMS him to the mat! He covers Vinny in a pin. "What are you 40lbs?" Vinny mocks Cap. They lock up. Cap picks up the giant in a reverse bearhug and takes him down again! He rolls up Vinny in a tight pin, but the muscle giant feels nothing. They lock up again. Cap takes Vinny down telling him to tap, but he refuses. "Someone's gotta be big around here. Can't be a toothpick like you!" says Vinny. He gets Cap in a reverse bearhug. "Respect your elders bitch!" Cap says he can't breathe and TAPS OUT.
Amazingly, Cap picks up Vinny in a front bearhug and takes him down! He locks the giant in a tight pin then flexes for the cameras. Vinny picks up Cap onto his shoulder saying he's sick of "little boys" and begins SPANKING Cap. Cap recovers, picks Vinny up on his shoulder, then takes him down. The 60 POUND weight difference doesn't seem to bother Cap. Vinny recovers, locks on a side headlock, and twerks his butt in Cap's face. The giant delivers a MASSIVE rear-naked choke, and Cap is counting sheep!
Vinny wakes Cap up by CLUBBING his back. He puts Cap in a TIGHT body scissor then starts choking Cap out with his own arm. He taps out again! Vinny then locks in a VICIOUS full nelson. Cap keeps tapping out, but Vinny doesn't care! He has to poke Vinny in the eye to break the hold. Cap then BODY SPLASHES Vinny while he's down and punches his abs! Vinny says he doesn't feel a thing, so Cap punches harder. He gets the giant in a sit down Boston crab and rolls him up in a TIGHT pin. Cap shows INCREDIBLE strength, puts Vinny in a full nelson, and rolls the giant on top of him. Vinny flexes out of the full nelson and does a  leg hold on Cap. He puts Cap in a MASSIVE camel clutch. Cap tells Vinny he's "all fat and water." Vinny then locks in a sleeper, but Cap breaks out. Cap repeatedly stomps Vinny's quads. The giant is being dominated and moaning in pain!! He puts Vinny in a standing head scissor pulling back on his arms. Cap folds Vinny over by grabbing his legs in a tight pin. 
Vinny recovers, gets up, and UPPERCUTS Cap! He drags the 170 pounder to the middle of the mat, stands him up, and delivers a BACK-BREAKING front bearhug. To add more pain, he lifts him in the air and shakes him up and down! "I can't breathe!" Cap taps out again. Vinny wants to finish off his weak opponent for good. He chokelifts Cap, not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES! Cap collapses to the mat in defeat. The muscle giant Vinny stands over his victim, "I like destroying little boys like you!" Add this big vs little match to your collection. You WON'T BE disappointed!