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Cason pins Vinny to the mat at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Vinny vs Cason - Rough & Ready 114

$ 31.25

Cason ignores Mr. Mike's order to take down the Christmas tree and relaxes on the couch. Little does he know Mr. Mike sent his muscle enforcer Vinny to make sure he gets the job done. "What are you doing? Get up and take those ornaments off the tree!" Cason tells him to do it himself, but Vinny pulls the vet card saying grunt work is for the young wrestlers. Neither muscle titan gives in, so they decide to settle it with a bearhug battle! "You need to shut your pretty boy mouth!" Vinny locks in a front bearhug, but Cason isn't impressed, "Is that it? Does it take you a little bit to get going?" He breaks away lifting and shaking Vinny in his own powerful bearhug, "You're one heavy dude! How old are you now like 42?" The seasoned vet groans under the pressure but manages to escape. Vinny can't be shown up by the young buck and returns the favor SQUEEZING even tighter, "Know your role, like a little child!" The muscle stud struggles to breathe as Vinny transitions to a rear bearhug. Cason collapses to the mat and rips off the behemoth's shorts laughing at his old trunks, "I see these go with age!" Vinny isn't intimidated, "The old man's gonna whoop you!" Cason charges in with a sleeper; his bulging bicep locked in tight around the muscle beast's neck. Vinny starts to stumble powerless to break away. The young buck quickly picks up his victim in a massive rear bearhug SLAMMING him back and forth into the wall. Vinny is in agony; his muscular frame turns red from the brutal impact!

Wanting to test their strength, the goliaths lock up in a mercy challenge. "Muscular hands I'll give you that; reminds me of my grandpa's," mocks Cason. "Big hands, just think what they're gonna do!" Vinny flexes harder as they strain under their viselike grips. Finally, Cason is forced to submit; his injured knee can't take the pressure. Vinny takes the advantage and wraps his powerful pythons around Cason in a RIB-CRUSHING belly to belly bearhug, "Where's all your young power?" The muscle stud coughs gasping for air as he's taken down in a sleeper. Vinny digs his knee in Cason's chiseled back and yanks on his arms! The young buck's face is pure torture as his arms look ready to break at any moment! He recovers, and a shoving match breaks out. "I'm too fast for you old man!" "You need to be taught a lesson; you're just a young punk!" Cason picks up Vinny onto his boulder shoulder and RAMS his back repeatedly into the wall. The muscle beast screams in pain as he crumbles to the mat completely gassed. Cason mounts his gorilla sized chest mocking the old man, "You gotta take a nap, so we can continue?" "I ain't taking no nap!" The action continues: a neck-breaking full nelson, devastating CHOKELIFT, and brutal GUT PUNCH battle! One muscle hunk even gets choked out with their own bicep! Who will be forced to take down the Christmas tree? It's a battle of the ages; you gotta see to find out!