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Vinny pins CJS to the mat at Thudners Arena Wrestling.

Vinny vs CJS - Mat Wars 89

$ 25.95

Battle of the Strongmen!

If you are a fan of bearhugs and sleepers, this match is for you!! Vinny is back and jacked with 20 pounds of added muscle. He is ready to take on “Muscle Daddy” CJS and show him what he’s got. The match starts off with a flex off and trash talk. CJS thinks he’s here for a pose down. Vinny says he’s not here to make friends; he’s there to fold CJS up and throw him away. Suddenly, Vinny goes in for the attack and bearhugs CJS. At the same time, CJS wraps his arms around Vinny, and a battle of bearhugs begins! CJS tells Vinny that “daddy’s got you” while squeezing the life out of Vinny. The two gorillas trade bearhug after bearhug for 3 minutes until finally CJS is thrown to the mat. Vinny starts pounding CJS’s hairy muscle gut and locks in a head scissors. CJS breaks away, and Vinny goes for another bearhug. CJS takes Vinny to the mat and punches / stomps on Vinny’s abs. Vinny low blows CJS and locks him in a full Nelson. CJS flexes out of the full Nelson 3 times, but Vinny keeps it going and throws CJS to the mat.

Vinny locks CJS in an arm bar then goes for a head scissors. CJS admits Vinny is stronger than he thought. Vinny rolls CJS on to his stomach and locks in an STF!! CJS is screaming in pain almost to the point of tapping out. Vinny is loving it and yelling “WOO, WOO!” He then takes the hairy muscle bear and locks him in a camel clutch. Shockingly, CJS leans back, breaking the hold, knocking Vinny to the mat.

CJS takes control and locks Vinny in a massive body scissors / sleeper combo. CJS releases the body scissors but keeps the sleeper locked in. Soon, Vinny is counting sheep. Round 1 to CJS!

CJS is flexing for the camera with his foot in Vinny. Vinny wakes up and ball claws CJS!! It’s Vinny’s turn to lock in a sleeper. CJS pleads with Vinny to take it easy on “daddy” and respect his elders. Vinny calls CJS an old man saying he’s gonna need a wheelchair after their match. Vinny then starts singing CJS a bed time story making fun of CJS. He succumbs to the sleeper and passes out. Round 2 to Vinny!

Vinny isn’t done yet, wakes up CJS, and locks him in another sleeper. CJS asks Vinny if he’s trying to spoon with the hairy muscle? Vinny calls CJS a gorilla and says he should shave his whole body. CJS breaks the sleeper hold, and both wrestlers get to their feet.

Both wrestlers have a little pec bounce competition. Vinny goes in for another bearhug. “Big Daddy” aka CJS says he’s still got energy left and picks up Vinny in a lifted bearhug! He lifts Vinny up and down 3 times while squeezing tighter each time. Vinny is fazed but then picks up CJS in a massive bearhug! CJS screams in pain and is dropped to the mat.

CJS is out of breath. Vinny lays on top of him and locks in a sleeper. He takes CJS to his knees with the sleeper locked in and threatens to rip his head off. CJS taunts Vinny telling him to read him that bedtime story again. Vinny repeats one line, and CJS goes to sleep. He straddles the hairy bear and does a victory pose.

Vinny isn’t done yet, wakes CJS up, and locks in another sleeper! CJS starts singing his own bedtime story before falling asleep again! Vinny straddles the gorilla, this time sitting on his chest. He raises and drops CJS’s arms for the 1-2-3 count. Will CJS come back and mount his revenge? Buy this awesome match to find out!