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boson crab

Vinny vs Duke - No Holds Barred 117

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

“I’m gonna punch your stomach so hard your abs are going to go away!”

Duke has been begging for a rematch against Vinny and today’s his lucky (?!) day as Mr. Mike has finally agreed!  Duke is in his best ever shape with ripped, muscular pecs, thick arms, tree-trunk legs and glutes that just won’t quit!  Seriously, Duke may well have stolen the title of ‘Best Butt at Thunder’s’ from Marco – he’s even wearing his signature blue trunks!  The bodybuilder is brimming with confidence as he tells Vinny he’s going to beat him and that he’s WAY stronger than last time!  But Vinny isn’t impressed – “That makes two of us buddy…” Duke starts flexing, showing off his smooth, tanned physique for the camera as Vinny looks on.  Vinny is clearly impressed by Duke’s physique, but he’s definitely not intimidated by it!  The two musclegods flex and compare their muscles, their egos pumping up as much as their biceps!  A shoulder shove from Vinny is the last straw and the match is on!

The two men lock-up with Vinny getting the advantage, slipping his arms under Duke’s for a bearhug.  Duke is pulled in tight against Vinny’s body as the bad boy applies a crushing squeeze!  But Vinny hasn’t locked it in fully and Duke manages to get his arms free – now it’s Vinny’s turn to suffer in the reversal!  Duke’s meaty forearms dig in HARD, right at the base of Vinny’s lats! But the bruiser pushes against Duke’s chin, forcing the musclestud to loosen the hold and give Vinny the chance to free an arm – Vinny seizes the moment, slugging Duke in the midsection!  Duke crumples to the mat, where he suddenly finds himself caught in Vinny’s devastating headlock, Vinny’s forearm tight across Duke’s throat!  Duke starts to fade and desperately claws at Vinny’s arms to escape – he manages to pull Vinny off balance, letting him slip free!  Duke mounts Vinny’s back, digging his knee into his spine before slapping on a choke hold.  Duke’s rock-hard glutes are on display as he tightens the choke!  Duke changes up, folding Vinny in half before firing a blow into his abs, followed by a brutal ball claw!  Vinny’s face screws up in pain as Duke’s vice-like grip crushes Vinny’s manhood!  Duke goes to town on Vinny’s abs, battering them with blow after blow!  Suddenly, Vinny has had enough and launches his legs up, catching a surprised Duke in a scissor hold!  Vinny grabs Dukes arm, threatening to pull it out of its socket!  Duke’s face is crushed between Vinny’s thighs, but he’s not done yet – he grabs Vinny’s balls, forcing the brawler to release the hold.  Duke takes the opportunity, hammer locking Vinny’s arms behind his back as he slaps his ass!  Then Duke pulls Vinny up into one of the deepest, harshest and most spine-warping Camel Clutches we have ever seen!  Duke cinches the hold even deeper, but Vinny refuses to give up!  This is nowhere near over yet – a grinding, smothering bearhug on the mat turns the tables, but Duke escapes and mauls Vinny’s manhood once more!

Will Duke get his revenge, or will history repeat itself?  Can Vinny claim another win, or will Duke’s improved physique and added muscle prove too much?  Get the download today and see for yourself!