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Vinny vs Duke - No Holds Barred 83

Vinny vs Duke - No Holds Barred 83

$ 34.75

WARNING - Our camera's autofocus has started to quit on us, segments of match remain blurry. We're sorry for the trouble.

“If you don’t take control, I’m gonna take control…”

Duke is on the mat, practicing his posing and flexing his incredible physique for the camera.  Vinny is in the background, talking smack and looking every inch the dominant heel in his yellow trunks and black leather gloves!  Vinny hates pretty boys flexing and posing – “I just feel like beating the s*** out of you”. Duke is unfazed – “Well, if that’s how you feel.” And just like that, the match is on! Duke, in tiny trunks that can barely contain his incredible glutes, scores the first advantage and slaps a Full Nelson on the cocky bodybuilder.  Vinny takes the hold, flexing his abs and obliques for the camera before powering out.  Duke quickly grabs his hands, trapping them behind Vinny’s back and parading him around the mat.  Duke switches to an arm lock, forcing Vinny down to the mat!  Another lock up and Vinny goes low, scooping Duke up and over his shoulder before dumping him to the mat.  But Duke is quick to get back to his feet, eager to lock up again.  This time Duke gets Vinny’s leg, hoisting the muscle stud over his shoulder and slamming him down!  Duke follows him down, straddling his chest and teabagging him!  Yeah, you read that right – Duke teabagged Vinny!

Vinny is furious and slaps a bearhug on the upstart, squeezing the daylights out of him!  Vinny’s wide back flexes as he lifts and crushes Duke.  Another lock up and Vinny knee lifts Duke in the midsection before forcing him down over his knee.  Vinny rains blow after blow down on Duke’s abs, but the musclehunk refuses to give!  Vinny stalks his prey, hoisting Duke over his shoulder again and slamming him down.  Again, Duke refuses to stay down, getting to his feet and locking up again.  This time Duke manages to take Vinny to the mat and straddles his chest, punching his abs before switching up to a tight headscissors!  Duke has thighs of granite and he loves to use them – Vinny’s face screws up in agony as he weathers the deadly hold!   Duke releases the scissors and straddles Vinny, pinning him to the mat!  Duke flexes his abs and biceps as Vinny is forced to look up at the show!  But Duke gets complacent and doesn’t notice that Vinny has freed his hands – suddenly Vinny lashes out, shoving Duke off of him and revenge pinning him!  Vinny’s big quads keep Duke in place as he crushes him with his full weight!  Vinny clamps on a constricting headscissor, but Duke escapes and hoists Vinny off the mat, spanking his ass in the process!  Has Vinny ever been manhandled like this?  Duke dumps Vinny to the mat, going right back to that humiliating pin!  Vinny finally has enough and snaps, pushing Duke off and slapping on a deadly sleeper hold!  Vinny’s arm flexes as he crushes Duke’s neck in the devastating choke!  Duke passes out, his sweat-slick body collapsing to the mat!  But Vinny is far from done and has a lot more in store for Duke!  Can Duke come back and even the score?  Or will Vinny add another victory to his tally?