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Vinny Frey full nelson abs pecs chest

Vinny vs Frey - Custom Video Series 37

$ 23.99
$ 31.59

Battle of the Full Nelsons!
"Mr. big bad Vinny. Think you can run this mat all this time. You're always over here towering over all these wrestlers." Frey says what he doesn't make up for in height; he makes up for in size and flexes his BOULDER biceps. Vinny pushes Frey away, "What are you gonna do about it?" This match is on! 
Frey sneaks behind Vinny and locks in a TIGHT full nelson. "All you gotta do is admit you're not the biggest badass, and I will let you go!" Vinny mocks, "Is that all you got?" "It's not all I got!" Frey JUMPS on Vinny's back with the full nelson locked in and takes Vinny down. 
Frey locks in a body scissor/half nelson combo. "You're a lot stronger than I thought. I'll get you, little bitch!" says Vinny. "I'm not even breaking a sweat!" says Frey. Frey gets big Vinny in another full nelson and forces the giant to his feet. "Come on Vinny!" Frey PICKS UP the giant off the mat with his full nelson locked in. Vinny is MOANING in pain!
Frey BEARHUGS Vinny then locks in another NECK-BREAKING full nelson. He takes the giant down and applies another body scissors pinning his arms behind his head. "You picking on the little guys. You're just nothing but a bully!" Vinny breaks out and applies his own NECK-BREAKING full nelson. "I'll show you a bully. Look at that bicep!" says Vinny staring at his own arm. "I'm gonna kill you when I get out of this!" says Frey. Vinny locks Frey in a body scissor/full nelson combo. Frey taps but didn't verbally quit. "I didn't say it!" yells Frey.
Vinny CLUBS Frey's shoulder and locks in another full nelson. "I'm the one who runs the show around here!" says Vinny. Frey is taken to the mat in the full nelson, and Vinny locks in the body scissors again. "You gonna try and get out?" Frey taps out, "I give, I give!" 
Vinny flexes, and Frey takes him down in a TIGHT body scissors. He WRENCHES the giant's arm behind his back and YANKS back on his chin! Frey locks in another MASSIVE full nelson. The giant is on his knees. Frey climbs on Vinny's back pinning his arms back with his legs. "Give it up!" orders Frey. He then switches to a rear body scissors, but Vinny breaks away. 
Frey goes for another full nelson, but Vinny backs his glutes into Frey's stomach breaking the hold. The giant CLUBS Frey's back and applies another full nelson. "You ain't getting out of this!" Vinny takes him to his knees. "This is what bullies do!" Frey taps out again!
Vinny doesn't care and applies another NECK-BREAKING full nelson. "I can do this all day!" Frey taps again! When Vinny goes for a flex, Frey GUT PUNCHES him. BIG MISTAKE! Vinny locks in a full nelson/scissor combo on the mat.  Frey screams in pain, and taps out!
Frey recovers and wants revenge! The match concludes with someone declaring, "I'm the best!" They lock their victim in a sleeper/body scissor combo saying, "Time to go to sleep. Night night time!" Will it be Vinny or Frey who is counting sheep for the final time? You gotta see it to find out!