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Vinny Frey bodybuilder pecs chest abs arms biceps

Vinny vs Frey - Custom Video Series 37

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Fan favourites Frey and Vinny, are in the mat room and Frey is pissed!  Frey is fed up of Vinny’s dominating ways on the mat and he’s going to do something about it!  Walking behind him, Frey catches Vinny in a surprise full nelson!  Vinny is obviously in some discomfort, so Frey ratchets things up by leaping up and wrapping his legs around the towering hunk!  Frey is forcing Vinny to handle his weight, whilst punishing him in the nelson at the same time!  That is strategy!  Vinny goes down and is stretched out by Frey, his awesome chest on display.  A body scissor / nelson combo has Vinny struggling to breath!  Another nelson, this one kneeling, has Vinny trapped but not quitting – Frey is barely able to get his arms around Vinny’s lats!

“I’m gonna get you” Vinny powers to his feet, trying to break free.  Frey holds on but, sensing Vinny is rallying, gives the taller man a short, sharp rear bearhug crush, just enough to make Vinny think twice!  Going back to the full nelson, Frey continues to wear Vinny down until he is once again on the mats and trapped in Frey’s legs.  Frey taunts Vinny, telling him he’s just a bully!  “I’ll show you a bully” says Vinny, right before he punches the Beautiful One in the eye!  That’s not a legal move!!  Frey is blinded as Vinny drags him up and traps him in a full nelson of his own!  Frey is getting seriously red in the face as the taller man pushes down HARD on his neck!  Frey sinks and falls back into the waiting legs of Vinny – like an anaconda, Vinny wraps his legs around Frey’s body, locks his ankles together and the squeeze is on!  Frey is stretched out and trapped with nowhere to go, snakefood for the massive brawler!

This match isn’t about the quick win – this is about making your opponent suffer in a long-held, draining hold, a battle of wills to see who can endure and outlast the other.  This is about how much pain each man can take and how much he can give back, knowing that at any moment the tables can turn.  And boy, do they turn!  Frey surprises Vinny again, catching him in a front body scissors, before pulling him up into another crushing full nelson, pain etched deep into Vinny’s face!  Frey, ever the mat technician, turns the hold into a SUSPENDED LEG NELSON!  Vinny’s shoulders are being wrenched out of their sockets!  He tries to hulk out of it, but Frey just locks his ankles together and SQUEEZES Vinny between his amazing thighs!  A textbook perfect standing full nelson has one wrestler screaming out his submission!  Multiple nelson submissions to an incredible, ANACONDA SLEEPER finish!  Who ends up out cold on the mats?  Get this match today and find out!