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head lock

Vinny vs Frey - Mat Wars 90

$ 31.25

Round 3...WRESTLE!!
"What's up slut...ready to get your ass kicked?" Vinny walks in confronting his old rival Frey. This is the 3rd match between Vinny and Frey, so they DEFINITELY know what's coming! Both begin trash talking each other and flex for the cameras. Vinny thinks Frey's biceps are the size of golf balls, not bowling balls like his. As Vinny flexes for the cameras, Frey takes out his legs, and this match is on!!
"Let's bring you down to my level Vinny!" Frey pins Vinny's leg and yanks back on his arm trying to force a tap out. Vinny escapes and bearhugs Frey from behind threatening to give him the Heimlich! Frey elbows Vinny to break the hold and wants to DAMAGE Vinny's bowling ball biceps! He pins him down. Punches, elbows, an arm lock!! He even puts BOTH KNEES on Vinny's bicep, crushing him with his weight trying to break his arm. Vinny SCREAMS in pain! He recovers and puts Frey in a SKULL-CRUSHING reverse head scissor, POUNDING his abs. "I'm gonna destroy you. You're my bitch!" says Vinny. He puts Frey in a tight full nelson calling him a pussy. Frey is able to flex out of the hold, WRENCHES Vinny's arm behind his back, then punches his abs. You can see a LARGE red mark forming on Vinny's abs! Frey puts Vinny in a sleeper hold then more gut punches. "Look at those golf balls!" says Frey mocking Vinny. He ball claws Vinny, "That was a hole in one!" 
Vinny escapes and REPEATEDLY slams Frey's head into the mat. FREY IS DAZED!! Vinny applies a leg lock/full nelson combo then puts Frey in a standing head scissors STRETCHING out his arms. "You like that small fry?" says Vinny. Frey is in pain yelling, "MY BRAIN!" To release the hold, Frey rams Vinny's balls with his head getting a take down. He puts Vinny in a body scissors telling him to give up. Vinny refuses. The two muscle veterans try to DESTROY each other in gut punches, head scissors, a banana split, and a camel clutch, but still no submission! 
The final knockout comes with a CRIPPLING TWO-HANDED ball claw!! The loser is in EXCRUCIATING pain and is forced to tap for the final time! Third time's a charm for one of these wrestlers, will it be Vinny or Frey? Buy it to find out!!