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Vinny puts Gunner into a Bear hug at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Vinny vs Gunnar - Ring Wars 71

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Introducing Thunder's newest heavyweight Gunnar, a rock hard, thick mountain of muscle! The rookie poses and flexes his BOULDER biceps as Vinny watches from the sidelines. "Big dumb tree over there! You got something to say?" asks Gunnar. "Wondering who you are? I'm about to kick some ass, kick your teeth down your throat!" says Vinny. "Come on big guy!" 
Vinny CHARGES in and locks in a MASSIVE standing front bearhug. "Crush him just like I do the twinks! How you doing over there sunshine?" Vinny releases, BIG MISTAKE! Gunnar picks up Vinny in a BACK-BREAKING front bearhug throwing him so hard that they both fall. The vet gets up first, STOMPS the rookie's back, and BEARHUGS from behind shaking him up and down. "How's that feel?"
Gunnar recovers and CLOTHESLINES Vinny into the turnbuckle GUT PUNCHING his abs. "Big dumb tree takin a fall!" He digs his knee in Vinny's back and YANKS back on his arms. The vet moans in pain but still admires his physique for the camera, "Look how big those traps are!"
Both tie up; Vinny tries to SLEEPER Gunnar's thick neck. "Is that tight enough? It's bed time!" Gunnar COLLAPSES to the mat, but the muscle giant is still awake. Vinny CLUBS, STOMPS, and YANKS back on the rookie's arms! "Think you're big?" asks Vinny. "I am fuckin big!" groans Gunnar. "My dick is bigger than your whole body!" Vinny tries another sleeper, but the muscle beast escapes!
Gunnar THROWS Vinny into the ropes so hard that he almost falls out of the ring! "You big dumb tree!" He STRETCHES Vinny out between the ropes DIGGING his knee in his back. "Big ass chest!" Gunnar repeatedly CHOPS the vet's furry chest with his massive meat hook hands and YANKS back on his arms. "You like that?" Vinny SCREAMS in pain!
Vinny recovers, THROWS Gunnar into the turnbuckle, and GUT PUNCHES his abs. Out of nowhere, the vet does a FLYING CLOTHESLINE into the turnbuckle sending the rookie to the ring floor. The muscle giant may be down but not out. He scoops up Vinny over his head in a RIB-CRUSHING front bearhug SHAKING him up and down. "I give! I give!" screams Vinny. "Tree falls again!"
They lock up again. Vinny picks Gunnar up on one shoulder SHAKING him. "Now I'm gonna beat the shit out of you!" Gunnar moans, "I've never been in this position before!" Vinny POWERSLAMS the muscle giant, STOMPS his abs, and locks in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors. "You need to shave your fuckin legs. Big ass ogre!" Gunnar groans in pain. Vinny SQUEEZES tighter, "I am an ogre!" 
"Get up!" orders Vinny. These muscle giants want to destroy each other. Gut punches, bearhugs, body scissors, clotheslines! 
Gunnar lifts Vinny onto his boulder shoulders in a TORNADO FIREMAN'S CARRY, spinning around before throwing him down! He flexes his sweaty, glistening muscles and PEC BOUNCES his thick chest for the camera! Gunnar DRAGS the lifeless Vinny to the turnbuckle, CLIMBS to the second rope, and BODYSPLASHES on top of the vet! "Ohhh!" Vinny can barely breathe!
Bearhugs, chin locks, full nelsons, and choke holds! Gunnar is locked and loaded ready to make a name for himself in Thunder's Arena, but will the experienced veteran Vinny put him in his place and deliver Gunnar's first defeat? This non-stop action will have you watching again and again!