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Vinny Jet stomp kick pecs abs

Vinny vs Jet - Mat Wars 70

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Jet, wearing a hot red singlet, is ready to take on the powerhouse Vinny (wearing his famous yellow trunks!).  Trash talk leads to a lock up and it’s on!  Jet gets a take down and manages to wrap his legs around Vinny’s neck in a tight scissor hold, Jet’s face a picture of strain and effort as he put’s everything he has into crushing Vinny’s throat!  Vinny’s awesome chest is on display as he struggles to escape Jet’s vice-like grip.  The strain proves too much for Jet’s leg though and he is forced to loosen the hold; Vinny quickly escapes and, showing the intuition and skill of a veteran wrestler, drives an elbow into the now hurting hamstring, before hoisting Jet off the mat in a crushing rear bearhug!  Vinny’s powerful arms circle tighter round Jet’s body, the massive pressure causing his ribs to cave inwards!  The cruel musclehunk is not ready for this to be over so soon and throws Jet down to the mat before flexing and admiring himself.  Jet is writhing on the floor, looking for the remnants of his attack plan!  Vinny scoops Jet up again and throws him over his shoulder, driving his cannonball delts deep into Jet’s abs!  Jet’s singlet is barely covering his ass-ets!  Hot and humiliating!

They lock up again – this time Jet gets behind and lifts the hulking Vinny up into a rear bearhug of his own, before dumping him back to the mats!  That’s POWER!  Jet does a double bicep pose, his muscles bulging out of his arms!  Dragging Vinny to the centre of the mats, Jet traps him in an Arm Bar, again going for a submission!  Jet’s forgotten about his leg troubles, but Vinny certainly hasn’t as he jams elbow after pointed elbow into Jet’s quads – vicious!  Vinny drags Jet up and applies a tight Full Nelson on the hapless hunk!  The look on Jet’s face says’ it all – he’s trapped and done for unless he can think of a way out!  In another impressive display of power, Jet manages to throw the muscle god over his head and down to the mats!  OUTSTANDING!  Another lock up and Jet again finds himself in Vinny’s bearhug, but this time Vinny ratchets up the pain by taking them both to the mats and stretching Jet’s body out in a scissors / sleeper choke combo!  Jet just will not quit though, battering Vinny’s leg with elbows of his own and fighting his way out of the snake-like trap!

This a battle of alphas, with both guys out for the win and bragging rights over the other!  Jet refuses to quit – he just keeps coming back for more!  An incredibly tight arm bar has one wrestler screaming, even as his amazing bicep bulges from the strain of resisting – awesome!  A bearhug into a gutbuster has one guy rolling in agony!  Both wrestlers are enraged and absolutely determined to DESTROY the other!  Choking takedowns, gut bashing – an awesome lifting strangle choke is countered by a Double-Handed Sledgehammer TO THE HEAD!!!   A brutal single-leg Boston has one muscle stud screaming!  These guys hold nothing back until finally one wrestler snaps and just unloads on the other!  Can Jet make good on his promise to beat down Vinny?  Or will the muscled mat veteran crush yet another opponent underfoot?  Get this powerhouse match today and see for yourself!