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Vinny vs Joey King - Ring Wars 44

Vinny vs Joey King - Ring Wars 44

$ 30.00

Joey King is taking on Vinny in the Thunder’s ring!  Joey, in lightning trunks, makes fun of Vinny’s yellow “banana hammock”, trying to undermine Vinny’s confidence.  “Clearly one of is a pro, the other is an amateur.”  Vinny responds that it’s a Pro Wrestler vs a Mixed Martial Artist – fightin’ talk!  The two Thunder’s veterans lock up, with Joey getting the advantage and shoving Vinny back into the corner.  Another lockup and Vinny repays the favour!  Joey switches up, getting behind Vinny for a rear bearhug before shoving him to the canvas – now Vinny is hacked off!  Vinny slaps a rear bearhug of his own on Joey, showing off his strength.  They lock up again and Joey lifts Vinny up over his shoulders, slamming him down to the canvas and getting a three count!!  Vinny is FURIOUS!  He grabs the King, sending him to the ropes and rebounding into Vinny’s massive CLOTHESLINE!  Joey falls to the canvas as Vinny stalks him, clamping on a full nelson in the ropes!  Vinny is determined to get revenge for that pin!  Joey pulls himself along the ropes, only to have Vinny grab his head and ram his face into the turnbuckle!  Joey is suffering mightily as Vinny exerts his revenge on the Pro!  Vinny batters the King then clamps on a sleeper hold that has Joey frantically slapping the canvas!  That’s one each!

Vinny’s body glistens with sweat as he again stalks Joey, but this time the wily veteran fires a low blow into Vinny before slapping on a chinlock that almost tears Vinny’s head off!  But Vinny escapes and resumes his beating on the King, pummelling him with kicks before hoisting him up over his shoulder!  Vinny drives his shoulder into Joey’s midsection before literally throwing him to the other side of the ring!  Vinny clamps on a BRUTAL headscissor, engulfing Joey King in tight, powerful thighs!  But the pro refuses to give up!  Vinny keeps on the attack, not giving the King a moment to regroup.  Joey writhes on the floor in agony as Vinny plans his next move – Joey is really in trouble!  Chokelifts, stomps, splashes, kicks to the head – Vinny is clearly determined to put Joey King away!  The King is in the ropes with Vinny right behind – suddenly, Joey lashes out with his boot, RAMMING Vinny hard in the balls!  Vinny crumbles to the mat as Joey follows through with a sleeper hold of his own!  But Vinny escapes with a desperate HEADBUTT!

The Alpha battle rages – who will emerge the victor?  Can Vinny beat a pro wrestler in his home environment?  Will Joey find a way to put Vinny away?  A DEVASTATING final move leaves no doubt as to the winner – get this match today to see who leave the victor and who is left laid out in the ring!