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Vinny puts Kasee in a camel clutch at Thunders ArenaWrestling.

Vinny vs Kasee - Ring Wars 72

$ 32.95

Big vs Little Ring War! 
The 170lbs rookie Kasee walks in on the 220lbs muscle giant Vinny flexing. "Not bad. It doesn't look as good as this!" Kasee flexes his biceps. Vinny laughs, "It's like a toothpick I use to get the steak out of my teeth!" The rookie calls the furry vet Sasquatch, "You may be huge, but you're not cut!" Vinny flexes, "I'm the big man on campus!" 
Kasee climbs to the middle turnbuckle, "You think you're big!" He JUMPS on Vinny but is caught in a MASSIVE bearhug! The rookie recovers and gets a small takedown. "I'm just giving you a taste. I'm gonna crush you!" boasts Kasee. Vinny isn't impressed, THROWS the rookie into the turnbuckle, CHOPS his chest, and CLUBS his abs. He lifts the newbie in a FIREMAN'S CARRY shaking him up and down! Kasee SCREAMS in pain.
Chinlocks, gut punches, a standing head scissor, Vinny is UNSTOPPABLE, "You don't have any moves, do you?" 
"I've got a lot of moves!" Kasee jumps on the giant's back pulling him down into a TIGHT cradle. "How's it feel the little guy pinning you?" Vinny laughs, "It's a pretty good hold, but I'm gonna destroy you!" 
The veteran GUT PUNCHES the rookie, who CRAZILY wants more, "Come on, those are abs of steel!" yells Kasee. Vinny punches HARDER and pins his victim for the 1-2-3 count!
"I ain't done with you! Think you're so big, don't ya?" Kasee JUMPS on Vinny in a body scissor / full nelson combo trying to take him down. The muscle giant feels NOTHING and flexes, "You like my abs?" Vinny RAMS Kasee into the turnbuckle trying to shake him off his back. Kasee climbs higher and goes for a SLEEPER, but Vinny falls backward on purpose CRUSHING the rookie like a bug! 
Kasee recovers and gets Vinny in a TIGHT sleeper / body scissor combo. The muscle giant breaks out, but Kasee applies a standing HEAD SCISSOR! "Obviously you can't squeeze hard enough. Keep working on those legs!" laughs Vinny. Kasee takes the giant down with his scissors locked in. "I don't feel any pain from you!" Vinny breaks out, sits on the rookie's back, and locks in a MASSIVE chinlock. The newbie STRUGGLES to breathe under the weight of the giant!
Kasee LOW BLOWS Vinny to break the hold. "Whose on the ground now?" The rookie locks in another standing HEAD SCISSOR and tries to put the giant away with a TIGHT leg sleeper. "Don't worry, you're not gonna win!" Vinny EASILY breaks out and BEARHUGS the rookie, SHAKING him up and down. "I'm gonna snap your spine!" 
Vinny CLOTHESLINES, ELBOW DROPS, and SLEEPERS the rookie. Kasee is gasping but won't shut up, "I think you're all talk!" He fights and fights against Vinny's VISELIKE grip but eventually passes out! 
Vinny wakes Kasee up in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson. The muscle giant lays on top of the rookie in a CHOKEHOLD, "That's 220 pounds on top of you, CRUSHING you!" Kasee EYE GOUGES the giant to break away, "Whose on the ground again?" Kasee ELBOW DROPS the giant and GUT PUNCHES him against the ropes. 
Bearhugs, clotheslines, sleepers, and chokelifts! Will the muscle giant Vinny claim another victim, or will the underdog Kasee come out on top? One things for sure, this Big vs Little match will not disappoint!