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vinny kid titan bearhug submission hold submit bed thunders arena

Vinny vs Kid Titan - Bodybuilder Battle 89

$ 31.25

Two Thunder’s Arena stallions are hanging out in the bedroom, trading trash talk and insults, two jocks trying to one-up the other.  The talk gives way to in-your-face flexing as the two muscle hunks pose and flex to see which is superior.  Kid Titan gives Vinny an up-close and personal view of his massive bicep!  Vinny turns and flexes his lats, power evident in every one of his tensed muscles.  Titan wows with a double bicep pose of his own, his crazily huge shoulders popping out in amazing relief!  This guy is BUILT!  A cheap shot and Kid Titan is caught in a FLYING FIGURE-4 HEAD SCISSORS!  Collapsing to the bed, Vinny tightens the vice-like scissor whilst flexing his awesome bicep for the camera.  The trash talk is free-flowing as Kid Titan escapes and mounts Vinny, before flexing his bicep and clubbing Vinny’s face with it!  Over and over, he batters the taller man with his huge muscle.  Vinny is enraged!  He escapes and gets Kid on his front, raining forearm smashes down onto the helpless muscleman’s back!  Vinny is revelling in his dominance as he spanks Titan before dragging him between his massive thighs for a standing head scissor!  Humiliating and harsh!  A double pec-to-pec bearhug contest has both men crushing the other so hard you can practically hear the bones crunching!  In a truly awesome display of strength and power, Kid Titan muscles out of a full nelson by bringing his arms down into an amazing Most Muscular!  A Stunner onto Titan’s boulder shoulder has Vinny reeling!  Titan hammerlocks Vinny’s arm before pummelling his upper back with his massive forearms - payback time!  Vinny is pulled back into a camel clutch, pain all over his face as Titan’s massive arms bulge with the strain.  Kid lets him go and Vinny starts to massage his ego, worshipping the dominant muscle hunk’s amazing body!  When Kid least expects it, another brutal cheap shot!  The action spills onto the floor as Vinny wraps his powerful legs around Kid Titan, squeezing his abs into mush!  There’s definitely no love lost between these two!  Gut punching, crushing scissors, chokes, the punishment is unrelenting!  The tension ratchets up a notch as one wrestler is truly humiliated!  A tendon-snapping ankle lock and a wrenching armlock has one wrestler in real trouble!  Will he finally submit?  Get this match now and see the shocking outcome!